Google is developing a new set of in-home technologies that will give “puff of air” notifications

GOOGLE has released a video about new in-home technology that could change the way and frequency people interact with their devices.

The micro-project is one of many in the tech giant’s Experiments with Google catalogue.


Little Signals is a non-commercial project sponsored by Experiments with Google

Experiments with Google is a department within the company where employees or freelancers can come up with great ideas at low cost and without obligation.

The latest experiment, Little Signals, is a foray into what Google has dubbed “ambient computing” β€” interacting with Google products in ways that are subtle, seamless, and not distracting to the user or those around the user.

“Little Signals is a family of unassuming but charming objects that share notifications and information by engaging our senses in more nuanced ways,” reads Google’s concept video.

The artistic home objects resemble vases, clocks or other knick-knacks designed to blend into the home.

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The theoretical concept includes six different objects, each with its own notification method.

A small puff of air, a gentle tap, or a shadow shift are all possibilities for the Little Signals line – all working to grab just a portion of the user’s attention without tearing their focus to shreds.

β€œThe six objects in this design study use different sensory cues to subtly signal attention. They keep us informed but gently, moving from the background to the foreground as needed,” the project description reads.

9to5Google reported that the Little Signals project is not “on track” for mass production – but ambient computing is at the forefront of Google’s long-term ideology.

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Although Little Signals won’t be available in stores, smart fans can build their own devices using instructions provided by Google.

On the Experiments with Google website, users can download a 23-page zip file that contains step-by-step instructions on how to build an air signals machine – the instruction manual even includes pictures of building the physical hardware.

At the end of the instructions there are several lines of open source code for programming the smart little bot.

“Just as everyday objects find simple ways to inform us – like the moving hands of a clock or the whistle of a kettle – Little Signals explores how to stay current with digital information while maintaining moments of calm.” complete the concept page.

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Google is making a more general push to integrate more into the home and office.

Google’s responsive audio speaker, Google Home, is expected to sell 75 million units this year.

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