Hampton Beach Pier must be accessible

For the last few years of my mother’s life, she was confined to a wheelchair outside of the home. Her illness made it very difficult to walk more than a few meters at a time without assistance. So I was her “pusher”, as she called me. As in, I pushed her wheelchair everywhere. Since we liked to have fun and basically our favorite thing to do was lunch, I was often her “pusher”. Especially in season in our hometown of Hampton Beach.

While the state and community have done much over the years to make the beach and tourist area as accessible as possible for the physically challenged, there aren’t many answers or ways to allow a person with a physical disability to enjoy the close access to the ocean…until now.

A bill snaking through the NH legislature, Senate Bill 346, would authorize the Hampton Beach Area Commission $150,000 to study the “feasibility and implications” of building a pier in Hampton Beach. The idea is to build the pier in front of the beach just south of Boar’s Head and the motivation is to allow disabled access to the sea itself. I can literally picture my mother’s smile on her face – with the ocean spraying – as I fantasize about pushing her onto this pier, which I really hope comes to fruition.

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