Heather K. Bernstein reinvents a sunny family home in Sausalito

When it came to redesigning a Midwestern couple’s second home in Sausalito, CA, Heather K. Bernstein was given free rein. The husband, an attorney, told the San Francisco-based designer that they bought the property as an investment so they could spend more time with their three adult children, two of whom live in California. “I calculated how I saw my kids,” she recalls, “so I bought this house.”

But despite the home’s ideal location, its interiors were incredibly dated (read: shaggy carpets, vinyl floors, and yellow cabinets). “I didn’t know how to fix it,” he told Bernstein. Fortunately, the designer and her team had many ideas – such as turning a closet into a bathroom.

“He and his kids love it,” says Bernstein. “This is her happy place.” And now the family is spending more time together than ever before.

Check out the entire sun-drenched residence below.

dining room

Paul Dyer

Since the room has an immaculate view — “on top of the world, overlooking Sausalito” — Bernstein wanted a “simple room.” Adding her signature with fabrics and an updated fireplace, she created “an intimate space where they can enjoy each other’s company.”

Lounge chairs: Lawson Fenning upholstered in Great Plains Boucle fabric. Ottoman: Vanguard, upholstered in James Malone fabric and Moore & Giles leather. side table: arteries.



Paul Dyer

Everyone is inevitably drawn to the kitchen. “It was run down and uninviting,” reveals Bernstein – “but there’s nothing a great coat of paint can’t fix.”

Stone countertop: Grigio Armani by Da Vinci Marble. cabinets: Custom.



Paul Dyer

The cozy space offers stunning views of the bay and plenty of natural light, which makes framing easier.

tables: Custom, Bobby Santee. stool: Appellation joinery. Seat cushion bench: made to measure, with perennial fabric. pillow: Susanne Connor.



Paul Dyer

The third bedroom was converted into an “open and airy office with several chairs for conversation”.

Lounge chairs: Moss Home (Holland & Sherry fabric). side table: Jayson house. follower: Worley’s Illumination.

Primary bedroom


Paul Dyer

The first flight of stairs down this room had a view that was not properly used. To this end, Bernstein turned a closet into an alcove for the bed overlooking the bay, hung pendant lights above it, and added mirrors to reflect the water.

throw: Laviva home page. bedding: parachute. follower and recessed light: Allied Manufacturer. mirror: Global Views.

Guest room


Paul Dyer

As it serves as a guest room for various family members who spend most of their waking hours socializing in larger groups, the decoration is functional in nature.

bedside table tbe able: hedge house. Custom Vanity: Bobby Santee. follower: Worley’s Illumination.

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