Home decor ideas for a clueless man | Barbara Kaplan

Q: I am a recently divorced middle-aged man facing the mysterious task of decorating a home for the first time. Any tips on getting started?

A: Decorating a home for the first time can be confusing. Let me assure you that you are not clueless. You know what you want – you just haven’t given it much thought.

My experience is that men’s insecurity about decorating stems from childhood when women chose their clothes and decorated their rooms. Then, when these boys grew up and married, the wives took over.

Males, once started, often have a better sense of decorating and are more adventurous. Since this is your first time decorating a living space, start by fantasizing about what you would like to bring home at the end of the day. How do you want your personal space to look and feel?

Forget home now and focus on yourself. This might be more difficult but is essential. You are the person who lives and responds to everything that surrounds you.

Be aware that we all tend to use our parents’ house or the house we lived in during our marriage as a frame of reference. Now is the time to discover something new – a time to explore yourself and how you want to live. You really do have all the answers. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong. The main thing is that you should not rush or make a decision just to make it.

Now that you have envisioned what you want, you need to start thinking tactically. Start by discovering the colors you like. If that sounds harsh, think about your reactions to color. If you’re having trouble doing this, look in your closet or think about buying clothes and the colors you’re attracted to.

Now consider the style of the furniture. What shapes do you like? What gives you a feeling of security and contentment? Do you like to lean back or do you sit up straight? What tables or surfaces do you need to function in your personal space? Do you want lamps or indirect lighting?

Decide how the space will be used. Need a traditional living room? You can turn the living room into a billiard room. Perhaps you prefer a theater room with curtains at the entrance to blackout. If you wish, you can also have a table and chairs to eat while watching the screen.

If there is a family room, you could set it up for casual sitting, reading, and relaxing. You could also put a dining table in there. The point is, think outside the box because you are at the center of the design decisions. live your style You not only design your home, you design your lifestyle.

This is the time to remember that rooms don’t have feelings, YOU do!

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