How to decorate an indoor fountain?

It has been a popular trend for a number of years and will only catch on in 2020. Providing a sensory experience beyond your traditional decor, indoor water fountains are the latest fad in decorating.

Having large indoor fountains as a focal point for the home is a great idea. In addition to their visual appeal, wall and floor fountains add a sense of serenity to any space in which they are installed. Even the smallest tabletop versions can help create a relaxing atmosphere in your workspace or at your favorite reading or meditation spot. Adding a fountain to your indoor environment will also benefit your plants.

There is no denying that an indoor fountain will make a significant aesthetic impact on your home. If you don’t know how to properly decorate your indoor fountain, it won’t perform at its best, no matter how beautiful it is.

Here are a few pointers to maximizing the benefits of your indoor water feature and maximizing its effectiveness.

Use plants

If you want to bring the beauty of nature into your home, you can use an indoor fountain in conjunction with other natural designs. If you’re looking for a more natural aesthetic, consider adding plants to the area around your indoor water feature.

The organic nature of an indoor fountain makes it an ideal addition to houseplants. Large fountains look natural when grouped together, but also serve as a room humidifier and increase the humidity, which benefits many plants, especially tropical ones.

You can create an oasis-like ambience by surrounding your fountain with foliage. To create a tropical oasis indoors, you can place plants like palm trees, bananas, gum trees, umbrellas, and ferns near walls or floor fountains. Use a wide variety of plants of different heights and widths for visual appeal. Create a vertical garden by placing wall planters next to a wall or in-ground fountain. Potted houseplants look great around a small tabletop fountain.

Tabletop fountains in alcoves and floor fountains with vertical walls could benefit from a tiered plant stand or floating shelves. Use philodendron or pothos vines to cover or around the water element.

Add miniature sculptures or artifacts to your display.

There is no doubt that having an indoor fountain in your home is relaxing. However, if you want to make it appear more divine, you can decorate it with statues, sculptures, or relics. You can also add characters of any kind. The environment can be more nature-friendly by looking for animal sculptures and religious relics, or quieter by looking for religious artifacts.

Install lighting in and around the fountain.

An indoor oasis is not complete without some natural light. The finishing touch to bringing life to a space is to place your indoor fountain near a window or in an area with plenty of natural light. You can also use any color to light up your water fountain inside. Look for a blue light if you want ideas as blue light is true to its appearance.

Blue is calming, calming, and a great stress reliever. You can use it to calm your mind, slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress and nervousness. According to folklore, the color blue has both a cooling and astringent effect. Pink is another shade that evokes a sense of calm and contentment.

In reality, according to feng shui, the color pink calms and conceals multiple energies in a room. Its serenity promotes a harmonious exchange of energy within you.

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