Howie Mandel helps best friend makeover in Celebrity IOU

In a new episode of the hit HGTV series Famousity promissory note, Howie Mandel will try his hand at home renovation. He is working to give Rich, his best friend and road manager for 30 years, a sleek and contemporary home upgrade.

Howie is a multi-Emmy® nominee, comedian, television personality, actor, producer and host.

The episode premieres on Monday, April 25 at 9pm ET/PT and is also available to stream Discovery+. The episode will see Howie Mandel teaming up with real estate and renovation professionals drew and Jonathan Scott Transforming Rich’s outdated bachelor pad into a modern setting.

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“What started out as a professional relationship turned into a personal relationship — we’re like brothers,” Howie said. “Now for the first time I can do a small part to ensure that everything is in order so that he can perform at his best.”

During the episode, Howie wants to help transform his friend’s apartment into a comfortable but elegant place. He says Rich is more like family and has had a difficult year with the loss of his father. Howie will get his hands dirty with Drew and Jonathan to show off the kitchen. They rip out old carpets and paint a bold feature wall. The end result will be a redesigned kitchen, dining and living area. As for the master bedroom, we see a functional flow and stylish finishes.

“Life isn’t always easy,” Howie added. “It was a tough time and nothing makes you feel better than being a small part of doing something for someone else.”

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Prominent promissory note spotlights Hollywood stars as they wield sledgehammers and pick up power tools to help someone special in their life get the makeover they need. The series features Drew and Jonathan and their celebrity friends. They inspire, entertain and bring fans to tears of joy with deeply personal stories of gratitude. In collaboration with the brothers, the celebs get their hands dirty to surprise their well-deserved friends and mentors. The results culminate in stunning home makeovers. Prominent promissory note is being produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment with Drew and Jonathan as Executive Producers.

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