I’m a home renovations professional and certain repairs to your kitchen could lower the value of your home

RENOVATIONS are usually intended to increase the value of a home, but some kitchen remodeling could actually DECREASE the value of your home.

Although kitchens are often the first room people go to when they crave a makeover, experts warn that kitchen renovations should never exceed 25 percent of the home’s value, as homeowners may not derive much value from the changes.


Neutral upgrades and renovations are the safest wayPhoto credit: Getty

For example, overly customizing your space is risky since tastes differ from buyer to buyer. Style-neutral superstructures and conversions are the safest way.

Wallpaper is an example of customization that might put off potential homeowners due to different patterns or textures. Experts advise that a safe bet is to use fresh paint or neutral colors.

Another big mistake renovators make is using outdated materials like oak cabinets or cheap and easily damaged materials like marble countertops – which means the changes will eventually have to be updated.

“The last thing you want to do when you’re selling your house a few years later is have to replace all of the kitchen cabinets because they’re falling apart,” said Tomas Satas, founder and CEO of Windy City HomeBuyer.

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Adding high-end electronics and appliances to your kitchen is another no-no unless you plan on selling your home right away, experts say.

“Smart devices are great. But remember, the technology you’re using today will be obsolete by the time you sell it in three to five years,” real estate consultant Will Rodgers told GoBankingRates.

“High-tech kitchens are valuable for your convenience, but only if you plan to sell them soon.”

Another common renovation mistake is sacrificing storage space for a more open plan concept. Although open concept areas are currently in vogue, storage space is necessary for a kitchen.

Finally, there are some remodeling jobs that are best left to professionals.

Do-it-yourself renovations can seriously affect the value of your home because if not done by an experienced contractor, chances are the repairs were done incorrectly.

Plumbing is another part of the process that homeowners should leave to professionals, or it could devalue the entire renovation.

“While some DIYers are definitely a plumber’s talent, it’s very easy to make a mistake,” says Jake Romano of John the Plumber.

“If someone notices a mistake, they will question everything.

“My advice is to hire licensed plumbers to do any plumbing work, keep receipts and warranties, and make the documents available to potential buyers.”

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Although DIY renovations in your kitchen can reduce the value of your home, there are other changes you can make around your home to give it a makeover.

Another home renovation expert recommended that the renovation should start in the kitchen or the bathroom.

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