I’m an interior designer – 6 things that will make your home look cheap, including the washing machine

YOUR home should be comfortable and livable, but an interior designer claims that the greatest comfort in your home could be a thorn in the side of visitors.

Homeowners were faced with the pro’s verdict in a video that revealed the six common things about homes that make them look cheap.


Interior design pro Krishnan Rajaratnam shared home design choices that look “cheap”.Credit: TikTok/interiorbykrish
Commentators debated the validity of the expert's criticism


Commentators debated the validity of the expert’s criticismCredit: TikTok/interiorbykrish

Krishnan Rajaratnam is the brains behind Interior by Krish, a UK-based interior design service that offers interior design tips on his popular TikTok account.

In a video posted to his design page, Rajaratnam shared common home design choices that could make your home look “cheap” — though not every commenter shared his judgments.

First on the list were exposed washing machines. Rajaratnam used a photo of a front-loading washing machine seen between cabinets in a kitchen.

Another eyesore in the kitchen that the designer warned against was the clutter in the fridge, including magnets, notes, reminders, and assorted artwork.

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Two surprising things on the list might at first seem like they add a level of luxury but actually detract from your home’s aesthetic: crumpled velvet furniture and shutters.

Rajaratnam argued that stickers, such as those with cartoon illustrations or “Live Laugh Love”-style slogans, look cheap on any wall in the home.

After all, white plastic showers just aren’t as luxurious as their metallic counterparts, no matter how handy the lightweight material is.

Some commenters wanted to take note of the expert advice, others were confused by the cures for the design sins.

“Not sure where else to put the washing machine,” one person wrote. They also jokingly quipped, “Maybe hide behind a shade?”

Rajaratnam recommended hiding a washing machine behind a door made of the same material as the kitchen cabinets.

Others in the comments who didn’t have space for full laundry rooms said they stowed their washing machines in their bathrooms.

A few commenters pointed out how common many of the unattractive decor options are.

“The only thing I don’t have is crumpled velvet furniture,” said one woman.

“None of that. Phew, now I can sleep at night,” joked another.

The most controversial item on the list was the fridge clutter, which drew a strong reaction from parents who love to display their children’s artwork on their fridges.

“In every country I visit, I buy a magnet,” wrote one viewer. “I don’t care if I’m cheap.”

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Though a number of viewers were smitten at the idea of ​​such a home renovation, Rajaratnam is confident that swapping out the ‘cheap’ items will pay dividends.

“You can still make a family home look like a model home,” the designer wrote.

Wall decals and stickers are cheap-looking eyesores, the designer said


Wall decals and stickers are cheap-looking eyesores, the designer saidCredit: TikTok/interiorbykrish
Even a white plastic shower looks cheap and boring


Even a white plastic shower looks cheap and boringCredit: TikTok/interiorbykrish
While expensive, roller blinds don't do much for aesthetics


While expensive, roller blinds don’t do much for aestheticsCredit: TikTok/interiorbykrish

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