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New Delhi [India]November 17 (ANI): A court in Delhi on Thursday extended police custody of defendant Aftab Amin Poonawala in the Shraddha Walker murder case for the next five days.

The court also granted the defendant’s request for a narcotics test. Metropolitan Judge Aviral Shukla of the Saket Court extended police custody of Aftab Poonawala for the next five days on submission by the Delhi Police. A request for permission for his narco test was moved on Saturday.

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After five days in police custody, he was brought before the court via video conference.

The Delhi police had applied for a 10-day extension of police custody. Aftab was arrested on Saturday after Delhi police began investigating a missing persons report filed by Shraddha’s father, Vikas Walker.

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According to the sources, Delhi Police submitted to the court: “Investigations are ongoing and the accused is to be transferred to Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, where he went with Shraddha.”

Delhi Police stated that further interrogation of the accused was needed to uncover the full case and gather evidence.

The court had previously granted a request for Aftab to appear via video conference.

“According to the information, some religious and scoundrels could attack the accused. In these circumstances, it would not be appropriate to bring the accused into court,” Delhi Police said.

After considering the application, the judge said, “I am aware of the public opinion surrounding the case. I am also aware of the media coverage and the sensitivity of the matter. In the interests of the judiciary, the request to appear by video conference is permitted.”

While the court heard the motion, lawyers protested outside the courtroom, raising slogans against Aftab. They shouted the slogan “Shraddha ke hatyare ko fansi do, fansi do” (Hang the killer of Shraddha).

The court then said that the request for an extension of police custody would be taken over by VC. Aftab was arrested on Saturday after Delhi police began investigating a disappearance complaint filed by Shraddha’s father Vikas Walker. He tried to deceive the police in Delhi and Mumbai in the first days of the investigation.

Another court also granted the defendant’s application for approval of the narco-analysis test. The court issued the order after noting the defendant’s consent.

According to Legal Aid Counsel, the application was postponed on Saturday, which was approved on Thursday.

Aftab is accused of strangling his partner Shraddha Walker to death and hacking her body into 35 pieces.

Delhi Police sources made a big claim in the Shraddha Walker murder case on Thursday, saying that the accused, Aftab Poonawalla, had charred his partner’s face to hide her identity. Delhi Police sources claimed that he first hacked her body into 35 pieces and then burned her face in such a way that it would be unidentifiable even if the body parts were discovered.

“During interrogation, Aftab revealed that he learned about all of this from the internet and also how to hide the body from anyone’s reach,” the sources claimed. In another loop in the Shraddha Walker murder case, Delhi’s Southern District Police have contacted their eastern counterparts to match the DNA sample from hacked body parts, including a human head, which the latter recovered in early June. According to the sources, East Delhi police found a hacked head and hand in Trilokpuri in the area of ​​Pandav Nagar police station in the national capital in June this year, almost a month after Shraddha was killed (on May 18).

Police investigation revealed the couple had an argument on May 18, during which Aftab killed Shraddha. Delhi Police sources said the May 18 dispute was not the first, with Aftab and Shraddha fighting for three years.

“On May 18, the two got into an argument over taking household items from Mumbai. They used to argue over who would pay for the household expenses and bring the items. Aftab became very angry about this. The dispute began around 8pm on May 18 when Aftab strangled Shraddha. He kept her body in the room overnight and left the next day to buy a knife and a refrigerator,” sources told ANI.

Aftab tried to deceive the police in Delhi and Mumbai in the early days of the investigation. Aftab had attempted to cover up Shraddha’s murder by removing all physical evidence, but he had left behind the digital evidence which police traced to discover the truth of the case.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Shraddha’s father called for the accused to be sentenced to death, while also suspecting a “love jihad” behind the incident. (ANI)

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