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2022 is upon us – and that means it’s time to plan ahead for what’s going to be trending in the new year. To get a sense of what to expect, house beautiful tapped into some of our most trusted designers – and they didn’t disappoint. Below we share their predictions for the 2022 trends for home decor, interior design and living rooms. Some of the most mentioned items? Structured fabrics, natural light and a lot of indoor plants. Read on for more predictions.

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“With supply chains becoming tighter and our focus on the environment increasing, I think celebrating unique finds will be an increasingly important trend in the New Year,” predicts Sara Hillery, designer of Next Wave. “Not only are vintage finds a greener choice for upcycled design, they’re loaded with unique details that are expensive to replicate.”

Vintage shopping is not only an efficient and sustainable option, it also gives a space an important personality. “Homes should celebrate our uniqueness, and furniture choices are an important part of that,” says Hillery. “An old piece with a great patina reflects a love and respect for history and history, just as a freshly painted antique shows the value of the past while creating a colorful and playful environment.” And you can be assured that none of your neighbors will own the same!


Lots of natural materials

Studio RODA founder Rodrigo Albir believes that in 2022 we will see a focus on natural materials, especially in spaces like living rooms. “Living room design trends reflect the revolution against fast fashion, which now aims for durability and timelessness,” he explains house beautiful. Individuals are looking for a more responsible design approach to make their living spaces “live longer” by incorporating elements that embody their surroundings.”

The designer incorporated this type of design into Villa Valencia, “where the living room showcases natural wood mixed with travertine, resulting in a calming, natural ambience that harmonises with the historic Mediterranean facades of the Coral Gables neighborhood while remaining modernized,” explains he .

“Black accents and hardware will be a popular home trend that we’ll see in 2022,” predicts Channa Alvarez, interior designer at Living Spaces. It’s a great way to add some edge and depth to more minimalist spaces: “Choose light, neutral colors for the main elements of your space, like lacquer paints and large sofas, and use black accents for contrast,” she advises. “Black accents like lamps really help accentuate an area and give it interesting depth. Even swapping out black handles on existing pieces like end tables or TV cabinets adds a touch of contrast to a room.”

“We believe that multifunctional living spaces with access to natural light and views will remain key to apartment living in 2022,” said Stephen Brockman, partner at Deborah Berke Partners.

“Given how much time we spend at home these days, big windows and high ceilings are key — they improve the view outside and allow in plenty of natural light, both of which are powerful stress relievers that never go out of style,” explains Brockman , who demonstrated the effects in a bedroom in New York City in Jolie, a condominium complex at 77 Greenwich Street.

“Bring on the structured fabrics!” exclaims designer Julia Longchamps. Maybe it’s a reaction to a year and a half of cozying up at home, or a product of increased attention to detail, but “velvet, sherpa and boucles are the It fabrics for 2022,” she says. And with good reason: “Cosy fabrics not only feel great, they also look chic and luxurious. We will also see fringes coming to the fore next year on furniture, particularly sofas and ottomans.”

“The pandemic caused us to recognize the importance of ‘home’ as a place of refuge,” notes designer Alice Dahbura-Borges. As a result, she believes that “we will continue to see the demand for versatility in the home, where a space can be transformed and shaped for different activities: a dining table or a kitchen island can serve as a desk.”


Mixing dark and earthy tones

“For 2022, I’m feeling a shift from dark and moody to rich and deep,” predicts Jade Joyner, co-founder of Metal + Petal. “I’m really into tone on tone at the moment. I see a lot of browns, coppers and earth tones coming into play with a mix of black and gray.”

The designer adds that “burr wood is having a moment again right now, as are very sculptural pieces. Sofas with curves, chairs with soft lines. Hammered metals really are a vibe and will remain so in 2022. A great hammered metal chair can add a contemporary element to any room.”

Designer Emma Green believes living room bars and beverage carts will be huge in 2022. “This trend started during lockdown and is continuing unabated as we all get used to staying at home more,” she explains. “This living room features a bespoke bar designed by Emma Green Design and fitted into an unused alcove. This clever use of space gives this adult-only entertainment area real purpose. The deep navy blue balances the neutral gray tones of the lounge and living room with the antique mirrored back and all her client’s beautiful glasses too.”

Sara Ianniciello, director of design at Whitehall Interiors, has found that “wellness in buildings is becoming increasingly important for both developers and occupants”. “Of course, because houseplants have a calming effect and promote clean air, you can expect to see more living walls and hanging plants in both lounges and apartments.”

Eilyn Jimenez, the founder and creative director of Sire Design, sees “bold, heavy marbles that will find their way into the design world and stay there for a very long time. Rough, sturdy and fresh slabs are heavily introduced into interior design – and you can never go wrong with too much marble.”

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