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Online commentators applauded a 23-year-old man who said he drank a “Viking beer” to avoid watching his cousins.

The man posted on Reddit’s “Petty Revenge” forum under the username u/lookoka and said he babysits his cousins ​​at every family gathering so the other adults can drink. However, he was tired of being the “de facto babysitter” and decided to “get revenge” during his aunt’s birthday dinner.

The post has received over 20,000 upvotes and thousands of comments from Redditors venting frustrations at people using family members as free childcare. You can read the full post here.

In his post, u/lookoka said his aunt hosted a birthday dinner for herself last week. Before his arrival, his mother promised that he would not have to babysit because the children would be at a friend’s house. So he specially ordered Viking beer to drink with his uncle.

Online commentators applauded a 23-year-old man who said he drank a “Viking beer” to avoid watching his cousins.

But after entering his aunt and uncle’s home, he realized he might not get to drink after all.

“The first step I take into their home is greeted by two deafening screams about how much the kids have missed me and a yodeling toddler. I immediately realized that I might have been lied to,” he said.

u/lookoka didn’t want to babysit so he went straight into the living room and opened a beer.

“About three minutes later my aunt sees the can and starts yelling at me for drinking while watching the kids (I only hear distant screams),” he said. “So I put out my hand and I’m like, ‘$200 for emergency babysitting, and I’m not going to finish this beer.'”

His aunt refused to give him the money, so he drank the beer and his father looked after the children.

expert advice

u/lookoka told Redditors that he hates babysitting his cousins. Susan Newman, Ph.D., a social psychologist and author of The Book of NO: 365 ways to say it and mean it — and keep people from pleasing foreversaid news week that “family members often do not realize that they are taking advantage of their relatives”.

“They just assume that everyone in the family or the person they ask [babysit] loves her kids as much as she does and wants to be with them… and that’s a lie,” Newman continued.

Newman advises those in the u/lookoka position to raise the issue head on and be honest with family members that they don’t want to babysit.

“You could say something like, ‘I know I have it [babysat] every year since the children were very small, [but] I want to celebrate this year myself. Can you find someone else?'” Newman said. “You could also suggest that the relative bring a babysitter with the children [to the family event].”

Redditors respond

u/lookoka didn’t say whether or not he ever spoke to his aunt about her babysitting arrangement. Regardless, Redditors applauded his act of “small revenge.”

“That was damn nice. I’ve made it a habit to drink mead on special occasions to get out of situations I shouldn’t be in,” said u/berN00b719.

“My sister once made me babysit her three children at my birthday party on my birthday. I was 15 so I couldn’t drink but next time I’ll keep that in mind,” wrote u/ElectricalGarbage0.

“This is so great! It is grossly unfair and manipulative and irresponsible to expect/exploit family as your personal servants. I’m so proud and happy you did this!” u/Active-Persimmon1414 commented.

u/KarmaDreams added, “Here’s an idea: how about the people who take the kids out actually raise them themselves!

u/lookoka declined news week‘s request for comment. We have not been able to verify the details of this case.

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