Interview with Jeff Wisdom from Planet Smart Development

As part of our ongoing Meet Your Local Business series, this week we sat down with Jeff Wisdom, owner of Planet Smart Development, a residential and commercial build/renovation company.

Tell us something about your company: what does your company offer and how long have you been around?
Planet Smart Development was brought to light in autumn 2021. We are a full service home construction company offering services ranging from new flooring and painting to kitchen and bathroom renovations to additions and extensions. We are also well versed in insurance negotiations for the restoration of major losses. Have you ever experienced damage from a flood, freeze, fire or tornado? Did you feel lost or cheated by the insurance company’s offer for your deconstruction? We started Planet Smart Development to be able to help people in these situations.
Planet Smart Development is the brainchild of Jeff Wisdom & Nick Siegert to expand client reach by changing the focus and type of work we can offer, from being purely commercial to adding residential design and construction services to custom floor expand-up new construction homes.

How did you decide to get involved in this professional field? How did the business come about?
My name is Jeff Wisdom. If you ask my mom, she will say that as a kid, when I wasn’t able to ride my bike or swim outside, I was building different models out of Lego, experimenting with new design ideas, or lying in the living room and looking home at improvement shows and drawing what I thought was a better design. As I got older I became involved in Boy Scouts and pursued just about any opportunity to build or design. In high school, I completed four years of architectural drawing and four years of woodwork classes with numerous state awards

the TSA competitions in Waco. After high school, I took classes at Texas Tech for an architecture degree.

After leaving school I gained experience working for an automotive franchise ordering and sourcing furniture, fixtures and equipment and working for a general contractor leading the internal engineering department. I also worked at an architecture and engineering firm doing structural and tenant fit-out plans, and then held roles with Harris County and the federal government in various construction management roles.

Between the pandemic and starting this company, I also gained experience in a flooring and renovation company. All of these diverse but related experiences culminated in a diverse and accomplished background in design and construction management roles to ensure the success of your project. So, I ask, what can we design and build for you today?

My business partner, Nick Siegert, is a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks Life and has been in the construction industry for over 40 years. Beginning with concrete construction, slowly adding various trades and experience in construction, culminating in a commercial construction company, Creedmoore Construction, established in the early 2000’s. Today Nick focuses on large scale commercial developments ranging from retail centers to warehouses and government buildings with different construction types ranging from concrete dump walls to prefabricated steel structures. Nick’s first major contract for recurring work was with The Home Depot and pioneered what we now know as their “let’s do it for you” Home Services division.

Tell us a few things about your company that you’re proud of. what are you known for What sets you apart from the competition?
Planet Smart Development specializes in housing construction services. We have wholesale accounts with many material suppliers and can supply all materials and labor in a unique turnkey package for your peace of mind. In addition, all we ask is to help you choose the final look and design you want for your home or office. We are currently building our own office 100% with cash and no credit, which means we can focus fully on your project and not have to worry about how we’re going to pay this or that bill.

In addition, we offer internal financing backed by Enhancify, a lending program that is offered unsecured Loans tailored to your needs, with loans up to $250,000. Rates as low as 3.99% and terms of up to 12 years with no hidden fees. We believe this is a better option for our customers as opposed to 0% promoting Funding programs where origination fees of 3-10% either eat away at company profits or are added to your bill without knowing it. Best of all, with Enhancify, the loan can be 100% funded in just 3-5 business days so your project can start.

What is your favorite part about running this company?
My favorite part about leading Planet Smart Development is the ability to help people and see their dreams come true before them! After all, it’s too expensive to be cheap! A lot of people think they are getting the best possible deal by using the cheapest deal out there, but we don’t focus on cheap, we focus on quality! As the owner of the company, I will not send a team to your house that I wouldn’t trust to work in my own house!

Who is your target market or ideal customer/client?
The majority of our business (80%) is in residential construction. Our ideal private client is a homeowner who loves their home but is tired of the old, outdated decor. We also love helping people who have been devastated by a natural disaster and need someone they can trust!

The other 20% of our business comes from commercial interiors. For this part of the business we are looking to work with clients who are expanding their business or want a fresh new look. We strive to build their new office to fit their needs and get them done right and fast so they can open their place of business and get customers ready!

Can you tell us something about yourself as an entrepreneur? what is your background

I’m an Eagle Scout. For my eagle project, I led a youth team designing and building 5 bat nurseries and created a bat education program for a nature center in northwest Houston. I am also constantly on the lookout for new trends and techniques, ensuring that what we offer to you, OUR customers, is constantly at the cutting edge of design and building trends.

Are there any sales, annual sales or special events you would like to mention?

We offer a 5% discount for first responders (police, fire, ambulance), active duty US service members with an ID card, or have been honorably discharged from the US Service and have a copy of your certificate of honorable discharge, or if you have a are current year teachers at a school in the Houston area. We pride ourselves on helping those who risk everything to help others live safe and prosperous lives!

Is there any other information you would like to share with your prospects/clients about your business?

Our salespeople are more than just salespeople; We are construction management professionals who will be on site at least once a week during your project (often more than once a week). Our team handles client relations, project measurement, design and estimation, material selection and project management. We strive to earn your 5-star rating on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Yelp! If you can’t give us a 5-star rating, we encourage you to speak to us and give us the opportunity to resolve all your issues and earn that 5-star rating! Many businesses today either succeed or fail based on their online reviews, which are generated solely by you, our customers!

How do you see your business growing and improving over the next few years?
In two to three years, we want to grow to the point where we can slice the entire city of Houston into a pie and have sales reps geographically focused on your projects. Our goal is to limit the travel time of our employees so that they can invest more time in our customers’ projects. finally able to spend more time with family. We hope that by the end of a project you will feel like part of your family and look forward to working with us on the next project!

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