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Frederick’s Kitchen and Bath Shop, which has been serving the community for four years, makes hassle-free remodeling its top priority.

“We promise that we will make the remodeling process clear and simple from start to finish, from A to Z,” said senior designer Cemil Yilmaz.

For Yilmaz, this starts with the Kitchen and Bath Shop model. A designer works with clients from day one, guiding them from virtual 3D modeling through product selection to the finished result.

Every project with Kitchen and Bath Shop begins in its spacious showroom, where mockups of six kitchens and three bathrooms give customers real-world examples of what their homes could look like. Customers can see for themselves a rich selection of hundreds of tile, door and countertop styles.

“There will be no more questions after customers leave,” Yilmaz said. “You will be able to see everything in one place.”

The showroom’s highly experienced designers also keep abreast of the latest trends so they can assist clients in selecting a style that both suits their tastes and enhances potential resale value, whether the project is about a kitchen or a bathroom, a cellar or a terrace.

Once it comes to construction, the project manager ensures that the remodeling stays hassle-free for homeowners. Unlike other remodeling companies, Kitchen and Bath Shop never commissions training or asks homeowners to order the materials themselves, allowing customers to relax and be confident in the quality of their remodeling.

Clients can monitor the progress of their conversion via an online portal and the project manager visits the client’s home at least twice a week to check the quality of work.

“Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction,” said Yilmaz. “We always tell our customers that your home is our home.”

Yilmaz remembered a client who was looking for a bathroom renovation. The customer wasn’t sure what he wanted, but when Yilmaz showed different designs, the customer found options he liked but had never thought of. The client was so pleased with the finished bathroom that he asked Yilmaz to remodel two bedrooms – and also recommended the company to a neighbor.

Kitchen and Bath Shop offers various remodeling packages to give clients a rough estimate of the cost of their project depending on the size of the room and the products used. With the Silver package, kitchen remodels can start from $7,900 and bathroom remodels from $5,900.

Even with remodeling projects that come with a hefty price tag, Yilmaz says, homeowners can expect to get every penny back, and then a portion of the resale value.

“If you don’t have an updated kitchen, that doesn’t bode well for potential buyers. The same goes for a bathroom,” Yilmaz said. “Even installing a quartz countertop can help.”

However, Yilmaz encourages homeowners not to wait until they plan to sell a home to start a remodeling project.

“Don’t remodel a house just to sell it. Enjoy where you live,” said Yilmaz.

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