MarketBeat Podcast: Making money in the red hot housing market

David Auerbach is an investor in the red hot housing market. Only active pure residential ETF. There are many residential ETFs out there, but David’s takes a unique approach that removes the “noise” inherent in ETFs that track companies like self-storage units or large hardware stores.

In this episode of The MarketBeat PodcastKate and David discuss:

What growth thesis is David’s ETF based on?

In which real estate sectors does he see potential?

How are housing developers reacting to Covid-era trends when it comes to relocations?

Why is the single family home market exploding? And how can investors benefit?

Is the housing market getting a boost from people returning to the coasts after leaving during Covid?

Are Higher Interest Rates Bad for Housing Markets and Housing Investors?

How has the REIT sector fared given rising interest rates?

How a housing developer got a lot of good press during Covid for helping tenants who owed rent arrears during Covid.

Why companies are comparing current earnings and sales to 2019 as they beat pre-pandemic levels

How are retirees boosting the prefab market?

How different demographics are all contributing to the real estate boom

How does David envision the future of nursing homes?

Why David thinks it’s important to educate investors about REITs since REIT-owned properties are literally everywhere, but most don’t know.

Why the structure of REITs is attractive to investors

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7 Trucking Stocks That Are About to Rebound

Americans face a historic supply chain crisis. The solutions are simple on the one hand and incredibly complex on the other. And no industry embodies this complexity more than the truck industry. Just unloading the barges will not be enough. These goods must be transported to a final destination.

We need trucks for that. And these trucks need drivers. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), approximately 70% of consumer goods in the United States are transported by truck. However, for various reasons, the industry faces a shortage of qualified drivers.

How extreme is this deficiency? The ATA estimates that the shortage of qualified truck drivers is over 50,000 and growing. In fact, over 900,000 drivers are needed and there simply aren’t enough qualified drivers to meet that need.

We won’t see a million new drivers on the roads by the end of the year. And even if we did, trucking companies will benefit as the industry steps up to meet that moment. That also means investors should keep an eye on truck stocks. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this special presentation that identifies seven truck stocks that offer excellent opportunities at this time.

Check out the “7 trucking stocks that are about to take off.”


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