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Prestigious label Colorize has released the fourth part of its acclaimed annual compilation series Colorscapes Volume Four, mixed by Matt Fax, PRAANA and a debut appearance by Estiva. Colorscapes Volume Four is presented as three dazzling mixes that spotlight the most exciting acts from the world of progressive, melodic and deep dance music, with almost all tracks being completely new and unreleased. Alongside unreleased gems from Matt Fax, PRAANA and Estiva, the trio will present tracks from established Colorize artists such as Klur, Modera, L.GU., Alex Breitling, Just Her, Rokazer, Tommy Baynen and Eugene Becker, as well as label debuts from Hessian, Bridges, Gabben , AUTOFLOWER, Datskie, and Leo Lauretti.

Eg caught up Matt Fax and Estiva to learn more about the drop ‘Color Landscapes Volume 4’, Colorizes ADE Event, future endeavors and much more.

EG: Hey guys! Welcome back to EG. As always, it is a pleasure to have you here with us. where are you living right now How did it go this year?

Estiva: Nice to speak with you again! I live in Amsterdam, we literally just wrapped up a rush Amsterdam dance event week here and it was great to see so many familiar faces again. It’s been quite an eventful year, I’ve launched my new label, Potentially dreamingand I continue to work on my upcoming artist album inkingwhile also mixing ‘Color Landscapes Volume 4’.

Matte Fax: Hi! So far everything has been good, I’m back from ADE Crazy and ready to finish some projects in the studio in France.

EG: How was your summer? Any special highlights?

Matte Fax: Although I didn’t have any releases during the summer months it was quite busy. In July I played AME Club, in Brasil. It was the best show I’ve played so far! There was such a reaction from the audience to what I was playing, which is always a great thing.

Estiva: I’ve played some great shows in Los Angeles, London and Ibiza while finding time to lock myself in the studio which I love. Crazy enough, I also managed to enjoy a little downtime!

EG: Congratulations on the release of ‘Colorscapes Volume 4’! How was the first admission?

Estiva: Thank you very much! It’s the first time I’ve mixed the album, so I’m very excited.

Matte Fax: Yes thanks! So far the response to all three mixes has been amazing (Matt Fax, Estivaand praana). ‘color landscapes’ has become such a popular series within the progressive scene. Each new episode is eagerly awaited!

Estiva: Because every volume is packed with beautiful, intelligent, melodic music. Being able to select and mix this year’s tracks was pure bliss. I recorded two of my own tracks (Mesa, India) and my fans are crazy about it!

EG: So what can your fans expect in this edition of Colorscapes? How is this different and similar to previous Colorscapes editions?

Estiva: Any artist who mixes a ‘color landscapes’ compilation, bring their own nuances to the heart of the series. in the ‘Color Landscapes Volume 4’, all three mixes are melodic in a hopeful and nostalgic way. If you’re a true enthusiast of this type of music, you’ll easily hear that each mix has its own personality and story.

Matte Fax: For my mix I focused on the many talents of inking. Normally I would create a mix around my own songs, but there are so many great producers on the label that they all deserve the spotlight.

“In ‘Colourscapes Volume 4’ all three mixes are melodic, in a hopeful and nostalgic way. If you are a true enthusiast of this type of music, you will easily hear that each mix has its own personality and story” – Estiva

EG: How do you curate a three part compilation where each mix is ​​curated by a different DJ? What does this process look like?

Matte Fax: When we get the full list of tracks from the label, I listen carefully and pick my favorites. Then I use Mixed in key trying to create a harmonious mix… and that’s it. When the mood is there, it’s pretty easy to do.

Estiva: We all get a massive amount of music sent from the A&R team at inking and we also look for exclusive music in our own network. Then I go through the music like I check promos to get a rough idea of ​​what I want. I try to skim more and more tracks until I have a good base pool of tracks you love and start mixing. That’s the part where I trust my intuition, that’s where the magic happens. Sometimes I have to go back to tracks I originally dropped. Sometimes I drop tracks that I thought would make the final mix. It’s an organic process that makes it nerve-wracking but also extremely rewarding.

EG: And the Colorscapes drop culminated in Colorize’s biggest European event to date, held at the Nova as part of ADE. How was this experience?

Estiva: A… have inking in my hometown was like a dream come true as I could easily invite my friends over. I hopped on my bike and cycled to the venue (which is the best way to get around Amsterdam) to find the venue packed with fans, friends and dear colleagues. It goes without saying that this was a big highlight of 2022.

Matte Fax: It was amazing. I played a B2B set with my friend peter k and we really had fun. Nova is always a great place to play, very intimate.

EG: By the way… how do you guys talk on tour? Any good movies, series or books you would recommend?

Estiva: When I can, I work out in the gym. When time allows, I like to walk around with my feet on the ground, looking for good food or parks to relax. I often meet interesting locals who are open to chatting. I feel like it connects me a lot more to one area.

Matte Fax: I like wasting my time going downstairs youtube rabbit holes. Honestly, I have a hard time focusing on an entire movie or TV series. If I had to make one recommendation, I’m currently hooked on it “House of Dragons”.

EG: What are your thoughts on the state of the scene right now? What would you like to see more and less of?

Matte Fax: As I mature, I recognize myself less and less in the current electronic music scene. Advertising and social media have become about ninety percent of our work. It irritates me because I’m not good at self-promotion. I want to put the music back in focus instead of having to think about usage tick tock so that our releases go viral.

Estiva: I feel like so many people are doing whatever it takes to get the industry back in better shape than it was pre-Covid. Great efforts are being made to advance inclusion and we are already seeing major changes. I have a feeling that the open-mindedness of the music industry could play a leading role here.

“The older I get, the less I recognize myself in the current electronic music scene. Advertising and social media have become about ninety percent of our work. It irritates me because I’m not good at self-promotion. I want to put the music back at the center” – Matt Fax

EG: What’s next for Matt Fax, Estiva and Colorize? What new milestones are you looking forward to now?

Estiva: On a personal level, I look forward to touring inking Events and the release of my artist album in 2023. inking always seems to push boundaries, which allows me to constantly evolve as an artist.

Matte Fax: I’m just starting my own label and brand ‘chromatic’to release my music. Next year will be a challenging year for me as I have billions of ideas and projects in the works.

EG: Thanks for your time guys! We wish you all the best for the future.

Estiva: Nice catch-up, see you soon!

Matte Fax: Thank you for having us!

Colorize’s new Colorscapes Volume 4 is available now. Buy your copy here.

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