Molly Mae poured out £8.2k on the mirror

Love Island star Molly Mae gave her fans a glimpse of the makeover work on her £4million mansion, including her new £8,200 mirror.

Last month her boxer boyfriend Tommy Fury revealed the good news that they had finally found their perfect pad.

Star showed off the designer mirror, which was actually the second time she’s shelled out thousands for the same piece.

The mirror evoked an old Hollywood vibe, the metal mirror is 2.4 meters tall and weighs a whopping 25 stones (165 kg).

Originally priced at over £10,000, designer Timothy Oulton is having a sale so the star got the one-of-a-kind mirror at a reduced price of just over £8,000.

Showing off her new home and recently purchased mansion to fans, Molly-Mae blurted out in front of the mirror.

“Some of you will know the story behind this mirror…this isn’t the first time I’ve bought it.

“Unfortunately, this dream mirror of mine never fit through the stairwells/doors of the previous houses we lived in and I forever refused to return it, hoping we would find our new home immediately (overly optimistic and the mirror was returned )….. finally after buying back it is standing in our new home today, I smile every time I stare at it.”

She’s back in her new home after spending Easter Sunday morning at the apartment she’s rented with Tommy checking out the remodel.

Star exclaimed, “I had prepared myself for the first few days of work while I was away just putting up dust covers, not a job that really needed doing … and I’m literally shocked at how much has been done.”

The reality star is also concerned about self-hexing because it gave her hope the renovations would be completed sooner than she thought.

“We’re in no rush, but I can’t believe how much has changed.”

Molly warned her fans that house styling is her personal choice and doesn’t want to be trolled for her choices.

She then showed fans Tommy’s closet and dressing area, the master bedroom, including the fireplace, and the bathroom.

“I just want to say that the bathroom is changing for structural reasons…it’s going to be double the size.”

She also explained that whatever they removed would be recycled, “not just thrown in a trash can.”

Molly revealed her £3.5million mansion is not her “eternal home” and she plans to move again.

In a YouTube video, she revealed that she plans to live there for about five to ten years.

During the YouTube Q&A, Molly was asked by a fan if this would be her forever home.

She said: “She’s hoping to have her first baby and get engaged in her new home before investing in a second property.”

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