Mum transforms bathroom decor in a day for less than £30 with free and leftover stuff

Embarking on a room makeover can be daunting given the budget – making a visually appealing difference on a tiny budget can be a challenge.

But social media is brimming with people who have been hit by this decorating budget hurdle and are overcoming it by being creative.

By looking around your home for leftover paint on the bottoms of pots, scrap wood, furniture that you can reuse or disassemble for starting material, scraps of wallpaper, and stick-on vinyl. Even your garden can be involved in the renovation of a room for less money.

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Abi Hugo

And finding out if family, friends and neighbors want to take out their rubbish could be a treasure trove for you to rummage through and find some hidden gems – hopefully for free or just the cost of a convivial pint at the pub as a thank you.

Perhaps by checking social media marketplaces regularly you can find a bargain or even free stuff to use in your room transformation – one person’s pile of scrap wood could be a part of your new wood panel feature wall.

For inspiration to create something unique in your home on a budget from leftovers, cheap and free items, Instagram is a good resource to see what other people are doing with their imagination and creativity, but not necessarily their wallets. have done with their home.

Abi Hugo loves to share her money-saving decorating ideas on her Instagram account The White Thistle as she remodels her home and recently cheap bathroom makeover with leftovers.

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
BEFORE: No flooring and no calm atmosphere

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
AFTER: £30 later it looks like this

Speaking to Leader Doors about her using upcycled hacks and buying used furniture to renovate the entire bathroom without breaking the bank, Abi says, “This transformation was definitely there as it made a massive difference to the space which I thought was very boring and not very pleasant at first.”

Life is busy for Abi, but she pushed herself to do more than just remodel the bathroom on a budget by setting herself a 24-hour time limit.

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
BEFORE: The pink is a no-no

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
AFTER: Leftover paint on the walls and radiator makes a big difference

Abi says: “The Reno was almost free! I used leftovers from the other rooms I’ve upcycled in my house, so including leftover wood and paint. The only thing I bought was the Dunelm peel and stick floor tiles which were £14 a pack and I brought two so just under £30. I’m just looking at refurbishing the budget!

“I made sure my paint colors were soft and neutral throughout. I decided to use wood as accents to make my wall a highlight, so I added wood scraps around my mirror in the process, which was very quick.

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“I don’t want to waste anything, so it’s always like ‘What do I have on hand?’ to me. Layering textures is something that gives a room a fantastic effect, so I brought pampas grass to my garden to implement character into the space. So dried grass, warm neutral colors, soft organic linen is the style and black accents by painting things like the plumbing black.

In addition to paint residue on the walls and special paint on the radiator and the new floor tiles, the device has a new plastic film and new handles. Scrap wood has been used to create a signature wood stripe panel behind the mirror, and garden plant cuttings add free greenery.

The artwork above the radiator, in a frame already in the house, now houses a pressed garden plant cutting with a splash of color behind.

Leftovers could be more easily used in Abi’s bathroom remodel as she has a signature style throughout her home. This means that any scraps and offcuts, colors and materials from other rooms or external to their style will integrate seamlessly into their home.

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
BEFORE: Simple and functional

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
AFTER: Stylish use of scrap wood for a tactile control panel, new foil on the countertop and new handles

Abi says sticking to a theme works for her: “When you find a theme for your house and you find a color palette that you love and want to work with, just like you would brand building, and if you think about the color palette for your whole house, then your house will flow.

“It allowed me to use leftover paint because instead of going out and buying a new can, you can just reuse paint, wood and decor from around the house to bring it all together so it flows really nicely.”

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
BEFORE: No real personality

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
AFTER: Abi’s free artwork draws attention

And Abi’s tips on finding inspiration to create your own style and finding materials might be helpful for novice upcyclers and budget-conscious renovators, too.

She says: “Use Pinterest for a mood board because it will really help you solidify your desired look and help you plan before you dive in.” Also, I would say research is key, take a good look at your personal interior style.

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
AFTER: It took a day of hard work, but it was worth it

“And if you come across a product you love, like a lamp or something, one of my top tips is to use Google’s reverse image search, where Google will show all the places where the product is found and you.” you may be able to find the product cheaper elsewhere.”

TIPS: Bathroom modernization on a budget
AFTER: Abi says have fun, and that includes finding free and cheap items, as well as reusing, recycling, and using leftovers

Abi says: Immerse yourself and try things out, think creatively and, above all, have fun. She says: “Paint can always be painted over, so don’t overthink things.

“With DIY, since it’s such a step-by-step process, you really can’t go wrong because if it went that way, you’ll know before you get to the next step, so just have fun with it and.” Try things out!”. And don’t miss out on finding out more about the interior design of delightful dream homes. Sign up for our twice-weekly Amazing Welsh Homes newsletter to see them all.


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