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Meetings are much more robust than they were 10 years ago and can bring people together from virtually anywhere. There are several video conferencing platforms that have risen to prominence (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, etc.) that everyone has become familiar with during the pandemic. Additionally, attendees in the office need to be able to quickly connect their laptops and other devices to share content on room displays or projectors.

To get the room ready for meetings, you also need to adjust the lighting, turn on displays and video cameras, send high-quality audio through microphones and speakers, etc. This can be complex for users who don’t have time to mess with the technology. Such was the case with a boardroom for a New York-based company that called upon the AV expertise of Joe Mattera, owner of Mattera AV Design. He designed and programmed an extensive AV system for the 40 x 15 foot boardroom that allowed meetings to be started in seconds and controlled intuitively with RTI.

Boardroom brings multiple technologies and brands together

“The client wanted many options – multiple laptop inputs, video conferencing via Teams as well as other web-based conferencing platforms, lighting and volume control, and the ability to broadcast any presentation device and video conference to any display or all at once,” Mattera reports.

Due to the size of the room, the client required exceptional audio quality and coverage throughout the room. To deliver high quality audio for both the near and far end during a video conference, Mattera AV Design installed 13 Shure MX418D/S gooseneck microphones, 10 Sonance Pro Series PS-C63RT speakers and a Snap One Episode 70V IP -enabled amplifier Biamp DSP.

Another area of ​​focus was ensuring visual meeting equity so attendees can view and deliver presentations and video conferences from anywhere. Mattera installed an 86-inch LG display equipped with an Atlona HDVS-CAM HDMI PTZ camera and flanked by two 75-inch Samsung displays.

Mattera has also updated the lighting to make the control experience even more comfortable. The Lutron system includes two Lutron Hybrid six-button keyboards connected to seven Lutron Radio RA2 Pro LED dimmers and a Radio RA2 main repeater.

Connectivity required to support the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Mattera AV Design integrated a Logitech Swytch. An Icron Raven 3104 USB 3-2-1 4-port USB 3.1 over Cat6/7 extender system, a 660 series 4K HDR HDMI binary matrix switcher and a 210 series Websmart Gigabit switch from Araknis Networks provide PoE and signal distribution. The power requirement is regulated with a WattBox IP Power Conditioner.

Mattera AV Design uses RTI to unify the system and customize controls

The RTI control ecosystem blends the experience with intuitive controls tailored to the space. Users can control the entire system, including the Lutron lighting system, using the 10-inch RTI KA11 touch panel and the RTI Control app running on an iPad. The GUI interface has been customized down to the last detail using RTI’s Integration Designer to ensure users can command and control the room’s AV devices and start video conferencing with a tap of the touch panel.

Mattera AV Design installed 13 Shure microphones and Sonance and Episode speakers as part of the AV that can be easily controlled via RTI interfaces.

Integration Designer enabled Mattera to install faster, more efficiently, with advanced customization thanks to automatic programming that makes every project more efficient. The integrated driver library, added for the latest version of Integration Designer 11, allows integrators to find all drivers without leaving the software and looking on a separate driver page.

The RTI XP-8v control processor acts as the brain of the system with status feedback from controlled devices, eight RS-232 ports and eight relay ports each, as well as eight general-purpose input/output control ports and eight programmable 100mA/2VDC outputs each . The processor leverages the extensive RTI driver database to facilitate the integration of third-party smart business devices such as B. Audio and video distribution, lighting, blinds, security and HVAC.

The XP-8v can be quickly programmed with Integration Designer and is compatible with any RTI controller or app, making it the ideal solution for large and complex projects. The customer wanted to avoid the bad experiences they had in the past with the programming and reliability of their own system from another brand, notes Mattera.

With RTI, Mattera AV Design also wowed the customer by allowing macros to quickly start a meeting with the push of a button. All displays turn on, lights dim to a specified conference level, inputs switch to the dedicated Teams device, and the conference can begin. When users need to connect their own devices and/or videoconference from other platforms, it’s just as seamless.

“The customer was blown away by how easy it is to control everything through the customized RTI user interface,” says Mattera. “They are so impressed that they are now looking to expand to another floor and install the same system in the second new boardroom. They love the fact that the system is basically automatic and they don’t have to have IT staff on hand to assist when they have a meeting.”

Mattera AV Design RTI meeting room
RTI brings together myriad third-party systems and devices in this large meeting room installed by Mattera AV Design.

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