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Hyderabad, Telangana, India (NewsVoir) ONPASSIVE, the global provider of disruptive intelligence and business automation solutions headquartered in Hyderabad, United Arab Emirates, has unveiled its succeeding solutions designed to provide an enhanced experience for every user in India the technology hub that is humanity by introducing its unique Internet solutions, the “O-Mail”, “O-Net” and “O-Connect” solutions to facilitate email, social networking and video conferencing respectively , strengthens. O-Net & O-Mail solutions are offered free of charge to all people on earth for efficient and smooth communication. The launch will significantly change the existing monotonous internet services and push the disruptive technology to increase and improve the connectivity for end-users’ journey around the globe via AI (artificial intelligence) with heart. Mr. Ash Mufareh – Founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE said, “ONPASSIVE’s broader vision brings you a sustainable ecosystem that supports and uplifts humanity. To be an AI with heart (Artificial Intelligence) driven company. Our goal is to support users with seamless SaaS solutions around the world. We are here to reshape the digital space with new, advanced and easy-to-use technology.” With amazing features like video emails, voice emails, folder privacy lock, personalized email themes and attractive background music recommendations, Text-to-voice, junk email notifications, the ability to allow or deny junk email detection and notification. O-Mail picks up where others left off. Since this is the first version of the solution, there is much more to come. O-Net is another fascinating ONPASSIVE solution that is here to change the rigid network environment with its unique attractive features like scheduling personal posts and creating blogs. Which can be used free of charge and indefinitely. O-Connect will be a game changer in the video conferencing platform due to its dashboard that exceeds user expectations. The O-Connect solution is here to offer you a brand new experience on top of the usual current video conferencing experiences that the market offers. Some of its never-before-seen features are speech-to-speech, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, text-to-text, audio noise reduction, smart reply, digital avatars, and many more options and features. Dr.SohaEmam – Chief Communications Officer, ONPASSIVE stated: “The game has only just begun! Yes, you heard it loud and clear! The game has only just begun to document the revolutionary development of ONPASSIVE’s digital world through its disruptive solutions. ONPASSIVE is the future of the internet and is here now to transform people’s lives and businesses. This is the place where you will find the right space for disruptive digital solutions that empower people to fulfill their ambitions.” Mr. Venkata Killi – Director, ONPASSIVE added: “By welcoming our CEO, Mr. Ash Mufareh, To quote “ONPASSIVE is the future of the Internet”, we have launched three products, O-Mail, O-Net and O-Connect, which are breakthrough solutions compared to the traditional social media platform. The key features of our solutions will fill the gaps in the market based on the technical research conducted by our R&D and technical department.” The launch of these groundbreaking internet solutions complements ONPASSIVE’s slogan “The Future of the Internet”, shared by more than 1 million witnessed by people around the world. We invite you all to take this opportunity to enjoy our new solutions and register for free to receive your free product launch special prices. Visit the ONPASSIVE website: www.onpassive.com. About ONPASSIVE ONPASSIVE is a disruptive AI technology company that creates fully autonomous digital SaaS solutions using the latest AI software technologies with warmth for our global user base, accelerating innovation and transforming businesses from strategy through design to implementation and management. ONPASSIVE with its slogan “The Future of Internet” brings a competitive advantage, innovation and new perspectives for business and technological challenges. Its wide range of AI products and solutions aim to digitally transform global businesses. For more information, visit: www.onpassive.com.

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