Pamplin Media Group – Estacada’s Main Street remodeling is underway

The city wants input from the community and will have open doors and online feedback opportunities

The Estacada Urban Renewal Agency is preparing for a Main Street transformation and has set a tentative timeline for the project.

The project will introduce new sidewalks, parking configurations, housing for people with disabilities, and other improvements.

The city is planning several meetings, open houses and other community outreach to get input and ideas from people about what they would like to see on Main Street.

The first open day could be in May.

The city also wants to have a robust online spot where people can view potential plans and provide feedback.

The Urban Renewal Agency, which has the same membership as the Estacada City Council, threw out outreach ideas to the community, including open houses, posts on social media, distribution of flyers, walkthroughs and information in water bills.

“Information is key here,” Mayor Sean Drinkwine said at an agency meeting Monday, April 11, noting that the project would be more successful if people knew what to expect.

Drinkwine also suggested reaching out to the Estacada School District and local faith communities to tap into their communications networks and let people know that the city wants their input to transform Main Street.

City director Melanie Wagner said that public information was essential for a smooth construction period. She suggested more community meetings as the project progresses. An agency member also discussed the possibility of a construction camera that could be accessed over the internet so people could be kept up to date on the progress of the project.

Wagner emphasized “doing the things we can do, which is good signage, good communication, good updates.”

RENDING COURTESY OF CITY OF ESTACADA – A preliminary sketch of what the main street might look like if you park in a section just outside the parking lot.

There are many aspects to consider when designing the project.

If frontal, diagonal parking is to be part of the project, as was the case on Broadway Street, it was discussed that this parking lot must be long and wide enough to accommodate the trucks driven by many people from the Estacada area will.

Should there be stop signs on the main street or should it remain a thoroughfare for the city? Where there are no stop signs, flashing lights should be installed for pedestrians as the project aims to make the main street more pedestrian friendly.

Does the community want the circle designs seen on the street at Broadway Street intersections?

Wagner said she is meeting with agencies to continue seeking grants and cheap credit to fund the project.

After the Urban Renewal Agency gathers input from the community over the next few months, the city hopes to have construction drawings and open the project to bidding by the fall.

They hope to start as soon as possible after the first year, with construction continuing through February, March and April to allow the project to be completed for the busy summer tourist season.

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