Persona’s anniversary celebration might save the best for last

The durability of the Atlus RPG lines is a prime sign of their quality. For 25 years now, the persona Franchise has stood on its own two feet as an impressive, creative spin-off Shin Megami Tensei series, with many of SMD‘s core ideas in very different ways. Given that reputation, it’s no surprise persona Fans were looking forward to the franchise’s anniversary celebrations in 2021 and 2022. Overall, however, the anniversary was fairly quiet. While some notable content was released to mark the anniversary, Atlus’ plans were far more modest than hoped.


While it’s something of a disappointment that the persona Anniversary has been so quiet so far that there are still a few months to go, meaning it’s still possible that Atlus is working towards something big. A pattern of persona Anniversary content might indicate that Atlus is trying to build momentum, and it would generally be a good idea to end the event with a bang. Atlus may not have confirmed anything, but there’s a lot of potential persona Projects it could quietly work on while aiming for a fall release. Atlus would certainly be wise to plan something big for the end of the anniversary.

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The Persona anniversary so far

If the persona When the anniversary celebration was announced, Atlus teased a long list of projects for the event, leaving fans hopeful that several persona Games were on the way. The very first announcement dashed those hopes; Atlus pointed out instead persona Goods and discounts on persona Games, as well as certain content that would be exclusive to Japan, such as B. a concert with persona Music. For a few months, these content categories dominated the anniversary, disappointing hopeful fans persona Content or ports of old content.

However, thanks to Atlus, plans have changed slightly Persona 4 Arena Ultimate. This sequel to the original was originally released for home consoles in 2014 Persona 4 Arena was exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360 for many years, but now it’s available for PC, Switch and PS4. That Persona 4 Arena Ultimate port is exactly the type of content fans were hoping for during the anniversary event. Although Atlus has not yet indicated similar plans for late 2022, ultimate max at least raises the hope that Atlus will build bolder persona Project for the late months of the event.

In hindsight, it stands to reason that Atlus wouldn’t pressure themselves to release seven persona Games in a year, but still, video game anniversaries are generally best recognized through games themselves, such as: Skyward Sword HD and Super Mario 3D All Stars in recent years have proven themselves. Persona 4 Arena Ultimate is a good start, but an entirely new game or port of a core persona Game could be a more valuable capstone for the anniversary. Atlus previously released a new game in an anniversary year, specifically; individual 5 launched during the franchise’s 20th anniversary. This precedent suggests that either a second port or a new game could be on the table.

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Possible Persona anniversary releases

25th Anniversary Persona Logo

For some time there have been rumors about a individual 5 Fighting game have been floating around. It’s entirely possible that Atlus was re-released ultimate max Mid-celebration to warm up fans for a new fighting game. At the very least, it proves that Atlus and Arc System Works still have a working relationship and opens the door for another fighting game. There is certainly plenty of source material for a individual 5 Fighting game, especially if it takes advantage of the new Phantom Thieves introduced in Persona 5 Striker.

A port of individual 5 would also be a great way to end the anniversary year. For years, individual 5 became exclusive to the PlayStation, despite persona Spinoffs and ports are becoming more common on non-PlayStation consoles. If individual 5 releases a port of the super hit on Xbox, Switch or PC persona The installation has great value as it could help the franchise regain popularity. With person 6 in development, a individual 5 Port could simultaneously encourage previous players to play the title again on new platforms and attract more new fans in the years leading up to a new core game.

There is no guarantee that Atlus will be working on these or any other games for the anniversary. Although Persona 4 Arena Ultimate Sparking optimism, the overwhelming majority of content released to mark the anniversary has been modest and detached from the games themselves. Atlus can stick to this modest lineup. However, after generating a year persona Content to celebrate a big anniversary for the franchise, it would make sense for Atlus to want to close the event in grand style. A second game release within the anniversary window would be the perfect way to do that.

Waiting for Persona news

The protagonists of Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5 in tuxedos

It’s been a while since Atlus released a Major persona Anniversary announcement, and the timing for previous showcases has not yet established a clear pattern. In other words, it’s hard to say when Atlus will unveil the next wave of persona Content if he even reveals his plans in one place. It may choose to simply surprise fans with it persona Announcements for the rest of 2022, surprising fans with new releases. If it plans to release another one persona Anniversary showcase, then hopefully the next one will be just around the corner.

That persona Anniversary definitely wasn’t quite as compelling as fans would have wished for so far. Japan-exclusive events have left international fans feeling left out, just when Atlus should be celebrating personaexpanded fan base. Merchandise releases aren’t nearly as exciting as new game releases either. Still, Atlus has time to make up for that disappointment. That persona The anniversary still has a few months to go before it wraps up, which means Atlus could still have a few tricks up their sleeves. For now, fans just have to wait and hope that the persona Franchise will grow significantly by the end of the year.

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