Queen of Free beautifies your space without spending a lot of money

As many of us start spending more time at home again, you may want to make some changes to your environment.

INDIANAPOLIS – Due to the pandemic, many of us are spending more time at home again. If you want to make some changes but don’t think you can afford a major remodeling project, liberty queen Cherie Lowe offered her advice on Sunday on 13Sunrise.

Cherie said there are ways to jazz up your space without spending a bundle by switching up a few things.


“One of the biggest improvements you can make isn’t adding something new to your home, it’s removing something,” Cherie said on her weekly blog. “Spend some time clearing out the clutter in your home.”

Pick one project at a time to make the overall task less daunting. Maybe pick one task for each day for a month. Start with a list and tackle one drawer, shelf, or cabinet at a time.

make space

Make room before adding a new item. Move furniture to another room and take down wall hangings.

“Clearing your spot gives you an opportunity to take a visual inventory before you start work,” Cherie said.

Shop Clearance Sale

Once you’ve cleaned up the mess, you can head to the store for the fun part – new stuff. You may see some seasonal clearance items online, but the best deals are usually found in-store.


Cherie enjoys using YouTube to support both purchasing decisions and DIY hacks. Find repair and maintenance tips and design projects in videos posted by people like you.

Think of the function

Don’t make any changes to your home unless you can make your daily life easier. Think about your daily routine and what small, simple tweaks you can make to save yourself a few steps or some time.

Make a list

Go room to room with your roommate or spouse to decide what needs to be fixed or changed. Use sticky notes for each project, then stick them all on a large board to help decide which projects need priority. If you can afford it, start turning them off one at a time.

get inspired

Right now, the Indianapolis Home Show is full of ideas. Cherie will be speaking in the West Pavilion every Sunday through January 30 if you want more ideas. You can get your tickets for $11 if you use the code QUEEN. Or they are $15 at the door. After the fair is over there is always the internet for ideas and inspiration for projects you can start.

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