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New Delhi, April 23 (IANSlife): After a two-year hiatus, we are back in time to celebrate the holy festival of Ramadan with joy and fervour. With people gathering together more than ever these days, there’s obviously a need to get your home ready for the celebrations. Indoors or outdoors, your home for Iftar celebrations should have a mix of colors and textures, creating an atmosphere that is casual and not overdone.

Ramadan is the festival of gratitude and gathering with your family, so your home should be cosy. The right furniture and decorations can create a sense of calm and evoke the spirit of the season. It’s the best time to refresh your home ahead of Eid Al Fitr with lights, lanterns and colorful tableware.

Candles and Lights: Create a magical atmosphere in your living room during the month of Ramadan by hanging fairy lights on the wall and strategically placing candles on your corner tables. The fairy lights and candles together illuminate the room beautifully and have a peaceful effect on our senses. You can also use them on your balcony to enjoy cozy evenings.

The Living Room: Add a bohemian flair to Ramzan celebrations by dressing your sofa with printed cushions intricately decorated with carriage embroidery. Fresh flowers and plants are nature’s colorful fragrance dispensers. They can brighten your mind. They are also a great way to make a statement to your loved ones.

Use a planter that doubles as another decorative element. Depending on your personal taste, choose between porcelain or metal. Little things like this add up to add definition to your home without a single piece standing out.

Adorn The Walls With Art: Bring home wall art that will brighten up your home with splashes of color. You can use a variety of small pieces to tell a story on the walls, or you can choose a single statement piece. Family pictures can be framed and hung on the walls. Bookshelves are usually a good idea and you can experiment with how you arrange them.

Serverware: You can get really creative when decorating your center table. Start by adding a table runner to match the cushions. Use wooden platters, trays and serving dishes to place the Ramadan snack selection. Set up a side table for all your Ramadan drinks like dates with milk, rose milk, watermelon juice, sulaimani tea and more. You can choose a set of copper mugs and jugs and combine them with floral coffee mugs. The use of pastel tones gives a pleasant and happy impression that fits perfectly with the Instagram aesthetic

Outdoors: What better place to enjoy this delicious meal than outside in the moonlit garden? Create a cozy ambiance on your balcony with cushions, a range of statement chairs and benches. You can also put a low table for the family to surround it.

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