Randy Masters, owner of RAM Construction Services

A strong work ethic counts. Take Randy Masters for example. As a teenager, he started mowing lawns to use the money to buy things like a bicycle, bumper cars, and a ball glove. At 15 he started working at McDonald’s. Then he pumped gasoline and worked on cars at SOHIO. Then he was a milkman for Borden. Then came his life’s work – construction and site management.

“I suppose my interest in building stems from the fact that, at a young age, I had the opportunity to be a part of something that I can be proud of when it’s finished,” said Masters. “I’ve always been good at planning a project and seeing it through to completion Quality and timeliness.”

Today he is the owner of RAM Construction Services.

“I do this work because it’s rewarding to offer a product to be proud of,” noted Masters. “Usually it’s something that makes the customer happy, either an individual or a company. I like the challenges of seeing a project through from planning to completion.”

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