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Release: Release date – 11:20 p.m., Fri – 8 Apr 22

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Hyderabad: Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons and for some, the arrival of summer represents the time to relax, indulge in outdoor activities, enjoy beaches, BBQs and more. But do you know that it’s also the time when you can do a lot for your real estate? Everything has an expiry date and summer is considered the best time to renovate the entire house.

For homeowners, an ideal time to do their indoor and outdoor home improvement is when the weather conditions are just perfect. Once summer approaches, there is maintenance and improvement work to be done to upgrade and upgrade your home.

Whether you plan to sell your home this summer or move on to living, maintaining and updating your home is vital for everyone.

A checklist for renovating your home:
• Painting and wallpapering: Before the monsoon approaches, it is better to paint the house wall.
• Clean and fix your gutters: Before the monsoon approaches, it is better to start cleaning the gutter area as the dirt and debris may not drain properly. And water will overflow, which can damage the inside and outside of your home.
• Pool cleaning is a must: good pool maintenance prevents bacteria and mold from forming and can prolong a pool’s lifespan.
• Install fans or air conditioners: It is necessary to install good energy efficient air conditioners and fans to reduce your electricity burden.
• Call for pest control: Keeping track of pest control is a necessary job. Pest control is protection from harmful insects that can cause health problems.
• Repair and install fences and gates: The weather causes the problem for your fence and gate. It is better to keep them from decay. Severe weather such as heavy rains, strong winds and salty air are detrimental to gates and fences so check them out.
• Deck Care: The best way to care for your deck is to brush it regularly with a good quality stiff broom to remove accumulated dirt, moss and grime.
• Landscaping: Landscaping involves changing the visual features of your garden or balcony area, investing time in crafting and growing plants, and creating beauty.
• Repair efficient windows and doors: Be sure to pay attention to the repair work on your gate and windows, summer is the best time to give them a thorough check.
• Powerwash is a Must: Powerwash or pressure wash is used with high pressure water jet that can remove dirt, loose paint, mildew, grime and mud from surfaces and all items. Building pressure washing will renew the look of your home.
• Renovate your kitchen and bathrooms: Kitchens and bathrooms are the places where doors and appliances need constant repairs.

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