Revealing 50 years of forgotten companies

“The sprawling block of buildings at the northeast corner of Main Street and Columbus Street, which Mr. Philip Rising began construction on last year, is now almost complete… for the various business purposes for which it was designed,” reported the Gazette (March 26, 2007). March 1868). The more than 150-year-old building that still stands today is called “The Rising Block”. And yes, this is Philip Rising (1824-1909), who donated Rising Park to the city in 1909.

More History: The Mud House before there was a Mud House Road

This magnificent building has been the ‘home’ of more companies and organizations than anyone can remember, but the stories of some of the first have appeared on these pages over the past few years. Built with three stories, the top floor was demolished in 1953 when Sears-Roebuck leased the block and a major remodel was undertaken. Sears held its official opening on February 22, 1955. After 21 years, Sears closed that store to open a new one on May 20, 1976 in what was then the new Plaza Mall.

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