Scrapped Star Wars projects you never knew about

war of stars has had some bad luck over the past twenty or thirty years, constantly changing plans as the minds behind the franchise struggle to figure out what fans actually want. Although a multitude of modern projects have been halted or scrapped, there are plenty of older ideas that never had their moment and would have been interesting.

When the sequel to the trilogy came out, it seemed new war of stars Project was announced every few days. Today, most of them didn’t make it to the filming stage, let alone the big screen. While there almost certainly will be war of stars Media for the next thousand years or so, the series has a long and proud history of discarding ideas and starting halfway through.


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In the early ’80s, while George Lucas was still in charge of the franchise he founded, he pitched ideas for war of stars Spinoffs in casual conversations all the time. Lucas spoke of a film all about droids, possibly led by C-3PO and R2-D2. He mentioned a cinematic outing about Wookiees set on their home planet of Kashyyyk and built around their unique culture. 1980, around the time Rich was released, Lucas already described the franchise as a nine-movie saga. Although it eventually reached that milestone, it did so in a way it could never have predicted and with several other creators at the helm. Lucas obviously had big plans for the franchise that never materialized, but there’s no way of knowing if those projects would be better or worse than the modern edition.

Many discarded projects evolved into future productions, often through a variety of bizarre barter deals and transfers. fans of The Mandalorian You probably know that the series gradually formed out of the shell of James Mangold’s Boba Fett film, which it later morphed back into Boba Fett’s book. A once-made animated series about a group of Jedi Padawans on a coming-of-age adventure, the last Star Wars project George Lucas was involved with, later became a story arc The clone wars Series. The aforementioned Wookiee concept may have morphed into the much-maligned one Star Wars Christmas Special. The franchise doesn’t always destroy whatever causes it to die, but it often repurposes concepts and spaces to better incorporate them into future plans.

A ton of Star Wars projects have recently been canceled due to an apparent catastrophe: the financial failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Hans Soloprojekt was the second film to be released as part of the Star Wars stories brand, after Villain One, which was a monumental success. According to solo couldn’t live up to expectations, Disney gave up the numerous ongoing films under that umbrella. While there are almost certainly some projects that fans have never heard of that didn’t make it out of the pitch stage, there are several well-known films that are hitting the bottom of the cutting room. Boba Fett’s film ended in this crash. A film about Jabba the Hutt that reportedly sparked some interest from Guillermo del Toro has been scrapped with little detail. A film about the legendary Mos Eisley Cantina was canceled as soon as it was announced. Disney makes extremely quick decisions regarding the direction of the franchise, often destroying tons of potentially interesting projects in the process.

Not only does Star Wars announce and cancel projects on the big screen, there are a few interesting TV or streaming series that never aired it. By far the most interesting project the franchise abandoned was called Star Wars: Underworld. This live-action TV series was introduced by George Lucas in 2005 shortly after the release of Vengeance of the Sith. It was described as a grown-up version of the galaxy, an anthology that would explore darker corners of the franchise. Writers like Ronald D. Moore of star trek fame, and Tony McNamara, who would later write Cruella, were added to the project. Over fifty hour-long episode scripts were written and concept art was reportedly produced, but the show was not to be. Around 2010, the series was parked due to budget issues. The team involved wanted the project to look like the films but didn’t have the budget to make it happen. When Disney acquired the brand, their squeaky-clean family image made such a thing extremely unlikely to happen underworld would ever see an official release.

There are loads of games and an ocean of books thrown open by one creator or another that never saw the light of day, though war of starsThe logic behind these decisions is rarely understood. While the franchise appears to have found a direction that’s working, with big-budget trilogy films in theaters and spin-off material on Disney+, no one knows how long that will take. That war of stars Franchise offers some of the most interesting development stories, edited content and developing projects in the world of cinema.

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