Shivani Ajmera: Space optimization design tips for millennial homes

Today’s homeowners are from the generation of millennia; They are rushers and multitaskers who strive to excel in every possible area while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. With so many things to tick off the to-do list each day and trying not to stress to get it all done, home has become a sanctuary of seeking sanctuary and peace; a place that reflects the person and facilitates all the activities one has in mind. How do you design such an optimal space for millennials? Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, lead designers and co-founders of an interior design company share some tips

Multifunctional spaces

The new generation of homeowners is abandoning rigid borders. With a constraint on available space and fewer users, spaces need to reinvent themselves and serve multiple functions. Therefore, areas should be designed to compose activities that delineate different facets of life, such as living space serving functionality, doing yoga in the morning, working from home during the day and making calls, lounging and watching TV in the evening, and even to host people on the weekends.

open planning

With a handful of spaces catering to multiple needs, spaces need to be open and connected for better functionality and visual expansiveness. As such, open plans for boutique homes accommodating nuclear families have become crucial. Large openings that brighten the space and fewer walls to keep circulation flowing and make the space appear less angular.

color palettes

The tonality of the house, the colors of the walls, the furniture and the decor together create the atmosphere of the room. The fast-paced lives of millennials call for a space that cushions their lifestyle. The answer to this is muted color palettes like beige, gray and

Earth tones to create a soothing and relaxing ambiance in their living spaces.


Gone are the days when furniture and works of art, be it paintings, pictures or murals, only served aesthetic purposes. Each element in the millennial homes has stories to tell that resonate with the user and show a larger reason for its placement in the space.

Blurred Boundaries

Due to the pandemic, the experience of being outside has become a luxury in recent years. It has also recognized the importance of incorporating greens in the home. Therefore, millennial houses have blurred the line between inside and outside by introducing lush green plants to decorate houses. By investing in transitional spaces such as balconies, terraces and wide French windows to maintain connection with the outside world


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