Sponsor Spotlight: Three tips for the 2022 renovation

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One of the busiest years for renovators has been 2021, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and during a highly competitive home buying market. Homeowners in 2022 continue to seek the expertise of professional remodelers to update their existing homes.

Remodelers surveyed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in late 2021 indicated that demand for projects of all sizes is even stronger than its 2020 peak. A key reason for this is record home value growth.

“Increased home equity provides homeowners with resources to improve their existing homes and supports high demand for remodeling,” said Steve Cunningham, CAPS, CGP, a remodeler based in Williamsburg, Virginia. “And with countless innovations in building products and design techniques, it’s an exciting time for homeowners looking to improve their homes.”

With 2022 continuing to be a busy year for remodelers in the region, here are three guidelines to keep in mind as you start thinking about remodeling your home now:

Optimize disk space

Our lifestyle has evolved and with it our reliance on home as a place to work and learn. After a few years of social distancing and changing work schedules, most homeowners who need a workspace at home have already created one. The next step is to make it versatile.

“The home office has become an essential element again, but redefined in a way,” says Ed Binkley, director of design at BSB Design in Orlando. “Now it’s more about creating a space that’s flexible and easily adaptable to the unique needs of different people, whether they need a home office, a gym, or more space for entertaining.”

design for the future

Trendy colors and decor come and go. But what never goes out of fashion is energy efficiency. “The vast majority of prospective buyers we survey each year consistently place energy-efficient features throughout their home at the top of their list of priorities,” said Rose Quint, associate vice president of survey research at NAHB.

Homeowners who incorporate green elements will experience long-term benefits in the form of energy cost savings, increased resale value and improved home comfort. Aside from energy-efficient appliances, features that often go unnoticed but can have a significant impact include low-e windows, energy-efficient roof shingles and tiles, and spray-foam insulation. Smart home devices can also lead to significant energy savings. Remote and voice-controlled lighting solutions, customizable thermostats, and automated whole-home security systems are popular integrations for today’s smart homes.

Stay flexible

Builders and remodelers expect delivery-related delays in 2022-23. The challenges depend on the scope of your project and the materials needed. It is important for everyone involved to formulate clear expectations for project milestones and to remain flexible in the event of delays.

Experts recommend having a backup plan in case of delays in remodeling projects. Perhaps the new kitchen appliances are being delayed and you need alternatives for cooking and storing food. Or the bathroom may take longer to complete than expected and you still have to rely on a second bathroom. Project disruptions can be uncomfortable, but when alternative plans are in place, they become more bearable.

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— By Joseph & Melissa Irons, Irons Brothers Construction

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