Sponsor Spotlight: Unique kitchen retains charm with added function

Our customers loved the vintage 1970s charm of their home, but they didn’t like its outdated functionality.

Before remodeling (photos courtesy of Irons Brothers Construction)

Our challenge was to update and enhance the kitchen and dining room areas while maintaining and enhancing the features that make the home unique and inviting.

The biggest change we made was removing walls that bisected the space and obscured the interesting angles of the original cedar vaulted ceiling.

During the remodel

The walls not only blocked the view, but also sliced ​​the space into oddly large and dysfunctional spaces, including a cramped galley kitchen, an unnecessary and underused formal dining room, and an oversized breakfast nook with a wood-burning stove that the family never used.

By opening up the space, we’ve greatly improved the function and flow, and now the family can cook together, entertain large crowds, or just hang out.

After the remodel.

New cabinets maximize storage space, and the new layout is tailored to how the family wants to use the kitchen – for example, with the pantry and fridge easily accessible for hungry teenagers who want to grab a quick snack. The generously sized island offers additional storage, counter space for prep and entertaining, and seating for the whole family. And since the former dining room served as a study, we even included a desk area at one end of the kitchen, overlooking the home’s beautiful wooded grounds.

The renovated ceiling is now a warm and earthy focal point, with its dramatic angles and triangular skylight in full view. New track lighting in serpentine loops provides customizable task lighting as well as an artistic element without blocking the ceiling.

The patchwork backsplash tile is another nod to the home’s organic ’70s style and a contemporary counterpoint to the original brick walls throughout the space. The tiles feature a variety of textures and patterns, all in soft and subtle earth tones.

We also updated the front entry of the home with new stair railings and new hardwood flooring which continues into the expanded kitchen and down the stairs. The fireplace wall has been updated with a new pellet stove, additional storage cabinets, and the elimination of the blunt-toed raised hearth.

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–By Melissa Irons, Irons Brothers Construction

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