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Reviewer Michael: Southampton location: Date 2022-11-08


Terrible service. slow internet Impossible to contact support, very difficult to cancel (even without a contract). Avoid.

Reviewer Ken: Location Stourbridge: Date 11/00/20227


How on earth this company calls itself a utility company is beyond me. Honestly, I could write a book! Incompetent doesn’t come close. I would advise everyone to stay away from these idiots

Reviewer Tony Trude: Chichester location: Date 2022-11-05


I was taken over by the post office which was very good – customer service doesn’t exist, they take a week to reply to an email, their billing management is incompetent and VERY aggressive – I’m changing providers asap

Reviewer Sue: Location Carlisle: Date 2022-11-04


Changed to new contract, supposedly 10/19/22, had no internet for 2 weeks, rang for 1 hour, waited for someone to answer. This line could be faulty. Openreach would come and check if nothing was heard after some time. Needed internet as husband was connected to hospital. Called again and again then it was called router. Router sent out still didn’t work. Called back said they had sent wrong router and would be filing a complaint and some would call on 10/31/2022 which no one called. So again serviced router said they would send it by dpd because it came urgently by mail. Ringed again someone called on 02/11/2022, still no one. So called again on 03/11/2022. When asked to speak to a manager I was told he cannot put you through policy. So he spoke to him and said he couldn’t ring the bell for 48 hours as he was busy. When asked if he worked on Saturday he said no so how can he call? The guy I got was working from home, could hear the cat in the background. I asked him if it was him and he said yes. Still waiting. Don’t go with this company. I was transferred from the post office

Reviewer Joe: Location Lincoln: Date 2022-11-04


A bunch of inept, incompetent crooks. Six weeks so far in which the internet went down more than 50 times a day. And this despite the fact that two engineers came out and 11 phone calls were made. Heaven knows how much time has been wasted here. Eventually, but managed to cancel compensation, although on her side she clearly did not deliver the contract. Save time and energy by choosing an Internet provider other than Shell Energy. You have been warned…

Expert Aar: Fylde location: Date 03.11.2022


Was sold by Post Broadband.
Service went downhill, no connection for days, email stating my new price then was charged about £10 more. The website is useless, trying to contact them is unnecessarily difficult. avoid them.

Examiner SJD: Location Wiltshire: Date 2022-11-03


The actual WiFi itself is not a problem. The problem is their totally incompetent staff. No problems terminating the contract (shocker) – that was in October. 2 different staff had confirmed that my account had been credited with £47 and that a refund of that balance would be given on the 2nd November. It has not. Talking to customer service was like talking to a wet sheet. I went around in circles only to be told there was no account in my name so nothing was credited to that account and whoever said that shouldn’t have because my balance was 0 despite being a worker said I could use the balance in my account to pay for another broadband plan if I wanted to (I don’t have it). Not only did they take everything that was in my account, they tried to charge me £35 for a router that I’ve already sent back?

Really terrible “customer service”…if you can call to speak to brick wall customer service

Reviewer Danielle: Location Backwell, Bristol: Date 2022-11-03


Customer service is appalling. I had to cancel a move for my elderly, vulnerable mother who relies on an emergency number. I called and explained that they had stopped moving, told them to reverse the request to cancel the landline and broadband. I had confirmation on the phone that this had happened. I emailed this 2 months before the termination came into effect. This was not done and the service was cut off leaving my elderly mother with no emergency number or broadband. I called customer service, finally answered and immediately broke off. Didn’t call back after 2 attempts to call back. 4th attempt I waited 1 hour and was put through 3 downs only to be told she would have to call sales to get set up again and it would take 2 weeks. Absolutely outrageous. However, we are not responsible for your mistakes. I would not recommend this company for broadband. I spent hours solving problems during the life of my mother’s contract. This isn’t the first time they have failed to process a request through their hotline.

Reviewer Steven Hodgson: Location minehead: Date 2022-11-01


Shocking literally robbers and scammers to say the least, I wish I had read the reviews before buying because I would have walked a mile, locked into horrible contract service and the customer service is more than a joke.

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