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A grave of honor for the beloved elf in Harry PotterDobby has received many complaints since fans of the franchise kept leaving socks at the location (via New York Times). The grave, located on a beach in Wales, is a beautiful landmark for one of the series’ saddest moments.

That Harry Potter Movies are full of extremely sad and brutal moments, like the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort’s return from death, and the image of Voldemort’s massacred soul. Funnily enough, fans have used those last two moments to create some of the most hilarious memes on the internet.


When a writer is hard work

Although baby Voldemort looks disgusting, Peter Pettigrew holds him with a mixture of fear and pride. Pride because he helped bring him back and fear because the Dark Lord is a ruthless master. This has led to people using this meme to describe similar circumstances.

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Anyone who writes for work or as a hobby knows the hardships of the job. Every time they complete the first version of a project, they can’t help but feel uncomfortable with the result while at the same time being proud of their first step, which is very similar to Wormtail and Voldemort’s relationship.

When people talk about Bruno

Bruno has the most uncomfortable power in Encanto, he has precognition abilities that eventually set him apart from his family, who don’t like to hear certain truths. This key passage from the Disney film is the reason for the hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”.

This rare crossover meme plays on the fact that characters in Encantoreact very dramatically to the mention of Bruno’s name. Ironically, the Dark Lord causes the same reaction in the wizarding community: we’re not talking about Voldemort, no, no, no.

When nobody cares about baby Voldemort

Recently, the media has been going through a random baby rush. After Marvel introduced Baby Groot, Baby Yoda established himself as one of the best war of stars Characters. In addition, Planters, the American company, has revised its mascot Mr. Peanut, turning him into Baby Nut.

Of course, the popularity of all these characters lies in their cuteness. They are perfect for all kinds of accessories, like plush toys. On the other hand, baby Voldemort is a gruesome sight. There’s something weird about imagining society treating this character the same way.

When people open a pack of gum in class

One of the most universal high school experiences is the madness that sweeps classmates when a student opens a pack of gum. In general, the owner gives away all his sweets. Like other everyday places in modern society, this has been the subject of many memes.

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Aside from Voldemort’s gory image in this meme, he is also in a helpless fetal position, which reminds users of someone who has just been beaten up or bullied. This is exactly what it feels like when a person tries to open one of their gums and ends up losing all of them.

When the 30s are harder than people think

This baby Voldemort template has become one of the funniest Harry Potter memes Mostly because Voldemort’s weakened demeanor lends itself perfectly to self-deprecating humor. Voldemort’s bloodied body has become a metaphor for many daily ailments.

This meme in particular compares baby Voldemort’s helpless state to feeling hungover, especially after he turns 30. Anyone who has tried to maintain their college lifestyle into their late adulthood will relate the ridiculous amount of time it takes to feel healthy again.

When working is a terrible business

Another way that Baby Voldemort becomes relatable to people is the miserable look he portrays in this scene. It’s not just the blood and lack of muscle, but also his sad expression and the fact that he’s hugging himself.

Memes have become an outlet for people to complain about their daily hustle and bustle. This meme conjures up the hypocrisy of certain companies when they assure their employees that they will help them but end up exploiting them.

When some TV shows never end

Over the past decade, binge-watching has become a universal hobby as streaming sites release the entire series at once. More recently, all TV shows are limited to eight or ten episodes. However, with older shows it becomes more difficult, e.g One piecewhich is one of the longest TV shows ever produced.

With over a thousand episodes and no conclusion in sight, One piece is nothing for non-binding target groups. Those who are content with just watching a few hours of television instead of losing an entire weekend should avoid this extremely long shōnen.

When someone tries to top The Hut

In recent years, memes have become more surreal, and some of them are even cornerstones of digital culture. For example, Pizza Hut’s 2016 campaign went viral for its absurdity, inspiring all sorts of memes.

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Given the subtle severity of Pizza Hut’s warning, users poked fun at the random publicity by discussing the fallout of the act. A bloodied and battered Voldemort serves as an example to anyone who might try to outpizza the cabin.

When people are asked to hold a baby

Few things are as relatable as interacting with a newborn baby. They are fragile, somehow swollen and remind people of little aliens. However, new parents are always visibly smitten with them, which allows their friends and acquaintances to pretend to like them.

For anyone who is not used to handling babies, one of the most uncomfortable experiences is when someone presents one to them. It’s impossible not to look as desperate as Wormtail in this scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Eating chicken wings

Part of meme culture is making everything look lighter than it actually is by taking it out of context. This dark meme compares baby Voldemort to a chicken wing due to its color and bony structure. Users have continued this joke by putting ranch and celery alongside it.

Wings have become one of the most common meals in America, and they’re always eaten the same way: accompanied by vegetables, dressings, and sometimes french fries. This is probably the most absurd yet hilarious baby Voldemort meme out there because it compares a cruel moment with a delicious and universal experience.

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