The 10 best color injection molding ideas from designers

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We all know how much of an impact color can have on a room – which is why the color (and style) you choose to decorate a room is like this in addition incredibly important. Whether you’re into muted or bright colours, a smooth or glossy finish and everything in between, there are plenty of options to choose from. Below are 10 ideas that will make you rethink how to paint a room’s molding.

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Mix different textures

This creation by Lucas Eilers shows that you can combine exposed wooden beams with a richly painted molding.

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Use a neutral shade to complement a pastel

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Everything white

Nothing says classic like all-white molding, as seen in this inviting space designed by Benjamin Johnston.

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A deep grey

This bar room designed by Kara Childress is proof that a rich color can make the molding look even more expensive.

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A rich blue

Designed by Creative Tonic, this space is proof that relying on a single color can work, right down to the molding.

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A pop of green

In this kid’s room designed by Creative Tonic, incorporating green moldings was the perfect way to tie in the overall decor and furnishings.

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Paint everything

When it comes to sculpting, go big or go home like Lucinda Loya did with this fuchsia painted space.

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Grey in grey

Nothing says chicer than a monochromatic moment, as seen in this cozy space designed by Elizabeth Krueger.

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golden touch

The goal in designing this renovated townhouse was to “recreate a sense of historic grandeur that still worked with the owner’s collection of contemporary art,” says Meaghan Finney of this space by Daniela Holt Voith.

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Great minimalism

Decorated with Pulled pieces by Cara Fox of The Fox Group, a minimalist color palette is given a grand look thanks to the ceiling moldings in this dining room.

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