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  • Losing your dog on a walk is a nerve-wracking experience. If you’ve ever spent time talking on the phone and whistling seemingly in vain, investing in one of the best GPS trackers for dogs could give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your walks together.

    The obvious solution is recall training and making sure you don’t let your dog off the leash unless you’re sure he’ll come back, but dogs are dogs. Some are more difficult to train than others, some retain a very strong hunting instinct despite your best efforts, and sometimes they’ll just cling to another group of hikers or run in the wrong direction just trying to find you. And of course there is always the visitor who leaves the door open…

    So even with a well-behaved dog, one of the best GPS trackers is a useful addition to your dog accessories. There is a range of options and price levels. Location update times vary. Most trackers will notify you when your dog leaves a certain area, and some will give you a full timeline of where your dog has been. You can even combine your dog’s whereabouts with monitoring their fitness.

    Consider your dog’s size (some of the best GPS trackers are too heavy or too big to fit your pet’s collar). You should also consider what technology the GPS uses, as Bluetooth trackers tend to offer a shorter range, while people living in remote areas may need the more expensive models that work with a range of wireless technologies. Most GPS trackers require a subscription, so this needs to be factored into your pet budget.

    The best GPS trackers for dogs

    Tractive GPS dog tracker

    RRP: £44.99 | Subscription: From €4.50 per month | Suitable for: For dogs over 4kg | Colours: snow, midnight blue or coffee | Battery Life: 2-7 days (normal use) |

    This lightweight (35g), 100% waterproof tracker uses live GPS tracking that updates every two to three seconds, with unlimited range worldwide. You can also see a location history of all the places your dog has visited. And you can set up “virtual fences” – safe zones – with alerts if your dog strays too far.

    You can also monitor your dog’s activity and sleep, set fitness goals and track well-being. Free app for Android, iPhone and web.

    The product’s tagline is “Trusted by over 1 million pet owners.”

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    Pawfit 2 Pet GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor

    Pawfit 2 Pet GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor

    RRP: £54.99 | Subscription: From £3.39 per month | Suitable for: Dogs over 3.5 kg | Colour: Black/White | Battery Life: Up to six days |

    The Pawfit 2 includes an embedded SIM card to support full roaming in Europe with no SIM compatibility concerns. Track your furry friend with no time or distance limits, with accurate location updates every five seconds. Plus light and sound tracking so you can find your dog more easily.

    It features remote voice commands, so you can talk to your pet when they’re out of earshot by triggering the recorded voice commands in the Pawfit app, which are played back through the tracker’s speaker.

    This waterproof tracker has protective features that allow people to contact you if your pet goes missing and send you notifications when your pet leaves its safe zone or when the temperature gets too hot or too cold.

    This is also a fitness tracker that allows you to monitor your dog’s steps and calories. burned, active and rest times and set custom activities.

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    Petfon GPS tracker for dogs

    Petfon GPS tracker for dogs

    RRP: £179.99 | Subscription: No | Colour: Navy with 11 colorful LED lights | Battery Life: 8-16 hours (continuous use) |

    This small (27.6 g), durable and rainproof device is a GPS tracker that allows you to track your pet’s activities and determine their real-time location. It combines GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and long-range wireless technologies. It updates every 10 seconds in Bluetooth mode. Tracking ranges up to 0.65 miles in built-up areas and 3.5 miles in open areas.

    It has a unique radar search feature that can help you find the direction of lost dogs. There are four modes to set your pet’s location and you will be notified when they leave that area.

    You can activate colorful LED lights to make it easier to track your pet in the dark, and voice commands can be saved on the tracker to communicate with your dog remotely.

    It is not suitable for dogs that enjoy swimming as while it will work in wet weather it should not be submerged.

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    Pitpat GPS Tracker: One of the best pet trackers for dogs

    PitPat Dog CPS Tracker

    RRP: £149 | Subscription: No | Suitable for: All Dogs | Colours: Red/black | Battery life: Not specified |

    Using the latest GPS technology, locate your dog when they go missing and track their movement, rest and play with this award-winning activity monitor. It’s designed to be tough and handle running, swimming, scraping and rolling.

    It has unlimited range – you can even be in a different part of the country and find out where your dog is. The GPS tracker uses two providers to provide excellent coverage when a network is experiencing signal issues.

    This lightweight tracker (30g) has parachute-grade velcro to ensure it survives plenty of bumps and falls, and it’s been tested to stay a meter in the water for half an hour and work again.

    A big USP with this product is the lack of subscription fees.

    Weenect GPS tracker for dogs

    GPS tracker for dogs from Weenect

    RRP: €49.99 | Subscription: From £3.75 per month | Colour: White | Battery life: Three days (normal use) |

    Weenect offers the “world’s smallest GPS for dogs” (25g). There is no distance limit for this tracker (with SIM card included), so you can track your dog from your phone in any part of Europe (outside Switzerland) with a good network connection (GPRS/2G) with “99% coverage”. “ can track the territory”. The tracker updates its position every 10 seconds. You can view in different modes – classic, satellite, compass or radar.

    It has an escape alarm so you will be notified when your dog enters or leaves its safety zone. And you can track your dog’s activities in location history to better understand their needs.

    If you have multiple pets, you can locate all of your tracker-equipped animals from the same account.

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    Safe Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs

    Safe Pet GPS Pet Tracker

    RRP: €29.99 | Subscription: From £3.33 per month | Colour: Orange | Battery life: Up to three days (normal use) |

    One of the cheapest on the market, this GPS/WiFi tracker allows you to track your dog in real time with an accuracy of up to 10 meters. The tracking interval can be set from 1-60 min. It is compact and lightweight at just 22g.

    You can also track your dog’s fitness and view past walks for up to three months.

    It is splashproof and comes with a protective silicone case.

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