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Pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and turn on your favorite Christmas tunes because it’s time to decorate for the holidays. Spread a little extra holiday cheer by making your living room decor the focal point of your holiday. After all, you can watch holiday movies in reruns there. From ornaments that bring back memories of past holidays to new, modern pieces that incorporate a festive yet stylish theme, here are some living room decorating tips to inspire you as you start decorating the hallways .

Choose the right size tree

The Christmas tree is the main attraction of your Christmas decorations and finding the right size tree for your living room is important. If you choose a tree that is too big, it will overwhelm your space. If it’s too small, you won’t be able to display all your ornaments. Whether you choose a freshly felled tree or an artificial tree, here’s how to make sure you choose the right size. First, measure how high your ceiling is, then subtract six inches.

That six inches is for your tree topper and the extra height of the tree stand. So if your ceiling height is eight feet, your maximum tree height should be seven and a half feet. The same goes for the ground area your tree will cover. Measure the distance and subtract a foot and take these measurements with you when choosing your tree to ensure the fir or spruce is the perfect size.

Adorn your shelves and coffee table

Start with a clean slate when it comes time to decorate. Pack up and put away the everyday decor that sits on your built-ins, hanging shelves and even your coffee table. Now you have the space to display your Christmas collections and decorations. If you have a vintage collection of holiday trinkets, mini Christmas trees or nutcrackers, give them a prominent place in your living room.

Their collections add texture, color and lots of holiday vibes to your space without feeling overcrowded. Grab green branches and solid color ornaments to fill in empty or open spaces and bring the whole look together.

A very modern holiday

If a modern aesthetic is your thing, flip up the festive decor with a large tree covered in just white lights, lots of greenery throughout the room, and a neutral color palette to keep your style while still adding some holiday flair. Embrace the clean lines for your packaging and showcase gifts wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine. Now your Christmas gifts do double duty as decorations and gifts for friends and family.

Dreaming of a white Christmas

A monochromatic look is a dramatic and gorgeous way to dress up your living room for the holidays. Pulling off this look is also easy because if you’re looking for pieces to add to your living room, all you have to do is add white, cream, or off-white. Choose different sized ornaments, a thick throw pillow and blankets, and lots of white lights to add a warm glow to your monochromatic space.

Let your living room color palette inspire your decor

You don’t have to decorate with the traditional holiday colors of red and green to be festive. Instead, let the color palette of your living room inspire you for your holiday decor. Choose ornaments to complement the color of your throw pillows, or opt for a velvet ribbon in the color that accents your living room and place it on your tree, wreaths or mantel. Have fun creating a holiday scene that is fluid and connects with your established living room decor.

Nostalgic Christmas

If you have vintage ornaments or antique decor that you have inherited or collected, your living room is the perfect place to display those heirlooms. Stock your shelves with adorable pieces that will spark conversation when entertaining friends and family. Adorn your tree and layer your mantle with your vintage Christmas collection and add a few modern pieces to accent the antiques. Their retro decoration adds a timeless charm to your holiday decorations.

Bring nature into play

Your tree isn’t the only greenery to add to your living room. Fill vases and bowls with pine cones and sprigs of holly and berries. Spreading greenery around your living room will make it feel cozy and smell amazing. Add accents of wood, antler, and rustic decor to pull the look together. Wrap candles in pieces of pine and tie them with twine for an inexpensive DIY. Using nature to decorate can help you achieve the rustic or minimalist holiday living room of your dreams.

Dress up your windows

Don’t let your windows out of the holiday decorations. Display wreaths in each window to create a holiday spirit. With adhesive hooks and a few measurements, your wreaths will be perfectly aligned and easy to remove after the holidays. The symmetry of the matching wreaths creates a chic and worked look inside and out.

Mix metallics

Silver and gold are beautiful together and can add a glamorous holiday upgrade to your living room. Mixing metallics with glass and crystals can create the backdrop of a wintry wonderland. Incorporate your stemware and glassware from other rooms of the house to hold metallic ornaments and accentuate your sparkling aesthetic.

It’s plaid season

Now it’s time to warm up your living room and cover your cushions, blankets and ornaments with plaids. From red and black to buffalo plaid, jazz up the plaid wherever you can. Use accent pieces that aren’t considered holiday-specific, instead add red, green, and black accents. Lay a plaid ribbon on your mantel and combine plaid ornaments to create a whimsical Christmas decoration.

Plaid is so vertiste that you could display many of the plaid items all winter long. And if you have plaid vacation pajamas, imagine the adorable family photos you can take in your plaid room.

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