The HOA board does not have to contain the owner communication within minutes | Wbactive

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Ryan Polakoff

Dear Poliakoffs,

Email and written requests to our HOA Board are never acknowledged by the Board or included in the official record.

Our Articles of Incorporation state: “The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Directors and Members.”

What is the way out to correct this unfulfilled responsibility and restore the accuracy and transparency of the official record?

Signed, CL

Dear CL,

Minutes are notes that record the actions taken at governing body meetings. They describe the issues discussed at the meeting, the motions made, and the official actions taken by the organization. In a church association there are board meetings and general meetings for which minutes are required, and sometimes there are committee meetings (where minutes should also be kept). Its Articles of Association specifically state that the Secretary keeps minutes of the “dealings” of the directors and members. That means board meetings and general meetings.

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