The Home Decor Upgrade You Should Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign

One of my favorite things to do is scroll Instagram to look at gorgeous apartments (read: townhouses that could sleep an entire family). Not only are the apartments themselves amazing (hello, exposed brick!), they all appear to be beautifully decorated. So if you’re like me and obsessed with beautiful home decor and wish your house could actually look like that Pinterest board you’ve meticulously tended to since college days, you might want to spice up your space a bit as you’re spring cleaning .

But you can’t really try every single design trend you love without your home looking like a hodgepodge of different furniture and styles (unless you’re a Leo – more on that below). To get an idea of ​​how to update your space, your zodiac sign might be the guide you need. After all, your zodiac sign can tell you all about who you are, and you definitely want your home to look and feel like you. If that sounds like a daunting prospect, fear not. I did all the hard work for you. Here’s how you should update your home based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Add colors that are as bold and bright as you are

Aries is nothing but bold, so bright colors will suit your energy perfectly. Plus, bold and neon colors will pop and add some fun to your house, which is perfect for your youthful side. Start with some colorful pillows and work your way up to a full Crayola house.

Taurus: Let yourself be inspired by your outdoor side with natural materials

Nothing says “bull” like lots of wood and natural materials. It’s almost like being outdoors, which is perfect for this earth sign. Taurus loves to just relax and spend time at home, and the warm natural colors just feel cosy. Swap your glass coffee table for a wooden one or even add a few plants to make it feel indoors and outdoors.

Gemini: make your space as versatile as you are

Geminis don’t like to commit to one thing, so it’s important that your rooms serve double duty. As an adaptable Gemini, your home should be adaptable too. You don’t have to choose between a bedroom and a study or a living room and a gym – just make your spaces multifunctional. Add a comfortable sofa to your bedroom to create a reading nook (or a place to scroll on TikTok), or dedicate a corner of your living room to your desk so you can separate your work time from your relaxation time. Also items that can be used for other things like a stool that can also be an extra chair are perfect.

Cancer: create the cozy space of your dreams

Cancers are couch potatoes, so your house needs to be extra cozy if you spend most of your time there. Think fluffy blankets, furry rugs and pillows, muted colors and dim lighting. Your place will have a calming vibe that welcomes everyone you let into your sanctuary.

Leo: Accept maximalism

As a Leo, I can tell you from personal experience that more is always more when it comes to decor – more pillows, more patterns, more colors. Pretty much nothing is off-limits to Leos who want all the attention, and a room decorated from head to toe will definitely grab the attention of all visitors. Plus, over-the-top style, like chandeliers and fluffy throw pillows, just screams Leo.

Virgo: Use earth tones to create a space that is practical and calming

Earth tones are perfect for Virgos. As well as being earth signs, Virgos are also practical, so trendy furniture and colors don’t exactly match their aesthetic. More natural colors that go with everything like beiges, creams and grays are perfect for you if you are a Virgo.

Libra: Make sure your home is ready for host service

Libras love to socialize, so why not decorate your entertaining areas so you can be the host of your friend group? Whether it’s your kitchen, dining room, or living room (or if you live in a tiny apartment, maybe all of the above), make your home welcome for guests. Brighten up your dining room with fun chairs or add extra seating to your living room for all your friends.

Scorpio: Give yourself some privacy with separate spaces

Scorpios love their privacy, so an open floor plan is pretty much out of the question. But even if your home has more open space than you’d like, you can section off areas to make it feel less like you’re outdoors. If you live in a studio or loft, you can use a room divider to hide your bed so you don’t feel like someone is invading your bedroom when they walk by. Arrange your furniture to form separate areas, for example by placing a side table next to your couch to separate the living room from the kitchen.

Sagittarius: Set accents with wallpaper

Sagittarians love to have fun, and what’s more fun than printed wallpaper? Adding some light wallpaper to your home will add some energy to the white walls. And if you rent, you can always try removable wallpapers, perfect for shooters who don’t like being tied down. Plus, removable wallpaper makes it easy to switch up your style if you get bored (which sags tend to do).

Capricorn: Forget the trend and go traditional

Capricorns themselves are traditional and trends aren’t really their style. They value structure and rules, so traditional decor is perfect. Capricorns also tend to be serious, so styles like bright colors or crazy wallpaper aren’t exactly for them. Antiques, Persian carpets and rich colors will delight a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Add antique furniture that’s as unique as you are

Remember in Friends when Phoebe wanted all of her furniture to be antique and not Pottery Barn? This is Aquarius peak energy (and Phoebe happens to be an Aquarius). Trade in your generic coffee table for something with personality from Facebook Marketplace or your local flea markets and antique stores. You can even find some vintage and antique furniture on Etsy.

Pisces: Create a dreamy space with curved furniture

Curved furniture is soft and dreamy, which happen to be perfect adjectives to describe a fish. A white curved couch that looks almost like a cloud suits a head-in-the-cloud fish. Pisces are creative and imaginative, and curvaceous pieces have a fashion-forward, unique feel.

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