The interior style that could add $10,000 to your home’s value

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  • Home staging is fast becoming the easiest way to quickly add value to a home and new research has revealed which decorating style to invest in to potentially add £10,000 to your home.

    If you’re looking to sell your current home, you’ve probably scoured the market, gotten your finances in order, and found a reputable real estate agent. The next task on the list of how to sell your home is to polish the property.

    A new survey by interiors experts Hammonds Furniture has highlighted the importance of interior style, with two in five Britons saying finding a property furnished the way they like is their top priority when looking for a flat.

    Credit: Hammonds

    Minimalist decor appeals to homebuyers

    A minimalist interior design style with white walls, clean lines, and no clutter has proven to be the most popular with apartment seekers. Kirsty Oakes, head of product and marketing at Hammonds Furniture, says part of the appeal of a minimalist home is allowing buyers to see them living in it.

    “It is important for home seekers to imagine how they will live in a potential new home. So it’s only natural that they would be drawn to homes that are either decorated in a style that suits their tastes or a minimalist design that instead allows them to imagine how they might decorate the spaces themselves.”

    A white and wood kitchen with blue and white backsplash tiles

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    How much more are buyers willing to pay for minimalist decor?

    The survey of 2,000 British adults found that more than one in ten Brits said they were bidding up to £5,000 over asking price for a minimalist home. The style is even more popular among Gen Z’ers. The survey found that 12 per cent of 18-24 year olds would bid up to £10,000 over the asking price for a house decorated in this style.

    PropTech startups and home sales expert flyp agrees that decor can have a massive impact on a home’s value. “A property can have many valuable attributes, but when they are obscured by clutter or not shown to a buyer, their imagination is often insufficient to see the home’s full potential,” says Olivia Ives, Flyp’s Head of Client Success . ‘Minimalist decor is a fine balance between sophisticated and reduced design.’

    The kitchen is one of the hardest places to pull this off, but with some Scandinavian kitchen ideas, you can create a dreamy space that will appeal to shoppers.

    FFlyp stages a minimalist living room

    Photo credit: flyp

    Decorating schemes to avoid when selling a home

    So what decorating mistakes to avoid when selling a home? Flashy, colorful interiors are a no-no for a quick sale. Although loud, flashy interiors are trending, a plain interior will sell better.

    Almost a third of the apartment seekers stated that they would offer a maximalistically furnished house below the asking price. 31 percent said they would also pay less for bohemian and art deco styles.

    Property expert Nick Neill, Managing Director of EweMove Sales & Lettings Ltd, says: “A common mistake is made by sellers who think people are buying the house and not ‘my stuff’ in it.

    But the truth is, most onlookers can’t see past the decor, furniture, and general appearance of the current owner. This means that home sellers with eccentric or less popular designs often struggle to sell their homes quickly.

    “The style that attracts most buyers is minimalism. It creates the feeling of a clean, bright, spacious home that people can imagine living in.’

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