The Mackie M•Caster Studio Review: The perfect tool for streamers, podcasters and developers | Wbactive

Mackie just released a new mixer in the M•Caster series aimed at content creators who need professional audio for live streaming and podcasts. If you’re looking for a powerful mixer that can roll with you and dramatically increase the quality of your performance and your audio content, then the M•Caster Studio should be on your wish list.

The professional features like the full color MixViewer™ display and the integrated sampler make a big difference in your workflow and enable you to create polished content with ease.

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Who is the Mackie M•Caster Studio for?

We always like to start with this question because similar devices on the market offer more robust features but also come at a significantly higher price point. The M•Caster Studio features four touchpads that can trigger quick drops (think applause or similar sound effects) to spice up your audio, and an integrated sampler for recording and playing back sounds. If you do a lot of live streaming on Twitch or similar platforms and want crystal clear audio with the ability to spice up your stream with sound effects, this little box offers great value at a reasonable price.


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