The most popular home improvement projects planned for 2021

The momentum that propelled home improvement trends in 2020 doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. A recent study by Rated People found that 51 percent of us will improve our homes in 2021.

According to survey respondents, our top priority is refreshing our existing spaces with fresh paint (44 percent) and new carpet (27 percent), while many of us want to increase the space in our homes by adding bespoke storage options and making rooms more multifunctional . Nearly 10 percent of respondents would like to bring their social life and daily activities indoors by adding a gym, office or home bar.

Here are some of the top DIYs for 2021 and how to achieve them in your own home.

1. Fresh paint on the walls

The number one choice for home improvement in 2021 is a fresh coat of paint. This is arguably the simplest of home improvement tasks and one that can have an immeasurable impact on the look of your space.

B&Q reported this year that sales of blue and green paint are up 36 percent and 32 percent, respectively, as we try to bring positivity to our homes.

“Green and blue are very calming colors because they literally calm us down and (very slightly) lower our blood pressure,” says Niki Schafer, an expert in interior design psychology.

“Blue is also meant to be productive and is a good addition to home offices and gyms. Green patterns, especially foliage, can have an even stronger impact on our mood, bringing a double dose of positive energy by bringing the calming theme of nature to our minds.”

Alternatively, a simple paste of wallpaper can be used to introduce botanical elements without the hassle of traditional wallpapering.

2. Lay new carpet

Home comfort has been key over the past 18 months, and spending so much time indoors has revealed design elements in our homes that don’t meet our need for comfort. Rugs are a way to add warmth, tactility, and a coziness underfoot that wood floors can’t match. And while hardwood floors aren’t going anywhere (13 percent of us are actually planning new hardwood floors in 2021), rugs fill the need to create a luxurious home.


Top DIY in 2021 Carpets

Flooring specialists Tapi Carpets & Floors recently revealed that almost two-thirds (61%) of UK homes have beige carpets. Brand and Communications Director, Johanna Constantinou, said: ‘Lockdowns have forced many people into the great outdoors, reconnecting with nature and bringing the outside in -based indoor spaces.’


Top DIY in 2021 Carpets

The same study found that nearly a third of Britons have rediscovered a love for patterned, textured or striped rugs – with popularity rising sharply among the under-30s. Those who are hesitant to introduce many patterns into their home could experiment with stair rugs or rugs to create an interesting feature without having to carpet an entire room. Discover 14 ideas for stair carpets.

Rich jewel tones

Top DIY 2021 jewel rugs

Majestic colors inspired by precious gemstones such as ruby, citrine and emerald add opulence and depth to a space. Jewel tones are particularly interesting in the way they respond to natural light, with bright sunlight bringing out subtle shine or metallic undertones and darker evenings enhancing their fullness.

3. Creating a home office

55 per cent of Brits were working from home in 2020, but many of our home office setups have failed to boost productivity. According to Rated People, almost half of us didn’t have a proper desk. 2021 is the year we’re adding dedicated office space to our homes, as 38 percent of us are embracing a new, flexible approach to work.

4. Renovation of the kitchen

DIY trends 2021 new kitchen

Our kitchens worked hard for us in 2020 when we started baking together a lot Banana Bread and exploring our culinary skills in the absence of restaurants. They also became multifunctional spaces, with 7 percent of homeworkers setting up their offices on the kitchen table. More frequent or entirely new uses of our kitchens can reveal a lack of practical space and functionality, or a disrupted flow of space – 17 percent of homeowners prioritize a kitchen makeover in 2021.

Interestingly, the Rated People study found that the choice of color in our kitchens can influence potential homebuyers when we decide to sell. Of the 2,000 homebuyers surveyed, 27 percent said a white kitchen would make a home purchase more likely, while 22 percent could be more confident in a light gray kitchen.

Get the look:

Top home improvement projects in 2021 new kitchens

5. Adding a house bar

Admittedly one of our favorite DIYs on this list, with 6% of respondents choosing to make the bar their number one priority. Perhaps Brits are showing some foresight given the recently extended lockdown measures, or perhaps it’s a lot more fun without the queues.

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