This £30 budget bathroom makeover took just 24 hours

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  • Short on time, a passion for upcycling and a tight budget, Essex-based Abi Hugo decided to give her boring bathroom a makeover. And in just 24 hours it was transformed into a timeless sanctuary!

    Abi used leftover paint and materials from other DIY and decorating projects to not only keep costs down, but also to create a consistent look throughout her home. Most impressively, Abi’s budget bathroom idea costs less than £30!

    bathroom before

    Photo credit: Abi Hugo

    The entire transformation took just an impressive 24 hours! eat your heart out Locker rooms!

    “When I’m excited about an idea and I see it in my head, I just have to do it,” Abi told Leader Doors exclusively. “It just started with me painting the radiator and seeing how it goes, and then one thing led to another and I kind of didn’t go to bed until 2 in the morning.”

    bath afterwards

    neutral bathroom with white tiles, wood paneling, a round mirror, a vase, bulletin boards, foliage

    Photo credit: Abi Hugo

    Thanks to Abi’s savvy know-how, this quick reno was basically free! She used leftovers from other rooms and items she had upcycled around the house, including leftover wood and paint.

    The only thing Abi bought was a set of Dunelm peelable bathroom floor tiles, which cost £14 a pack. Two packs later, the entire makeover costs just under £30. Let’s call that a bargain!

    Design Details: £30 budget bathroom makeover

    Neutral bathroom with white vanity, wood paneling, round mirror, round vase, bulletin boards

    Photo credit: Abi Hugo

    Abi stuck to a palette of soft neutrals throughout. She decided to use wood as an accent to create a bathroom mirror idea. Leftover strips of wood attached vertically behind the existing round mirror was a very quick trick that increased the area.

    “I don’t want to waste anything, so for me it’s always what I have on hand,” explains Abi.

    Layering textures is something that gives a room a fantastic effect, so she brought in pampas grass from the outside to bring character to the space. This is reflected in the natural retention of seaweed and changing knobs on the vanity.

    neutral bathroom with white tiles, black radiator, sink, wall art

    Photo credit: Abi Hugo

    “I really appreciate organic styles and fibers, adding natural elements to your space to add texture to your home,” says Abi. “I love putting a modern twist on the classic style with my love of neutral tones, but adding contrast with black accents really elevates the space.”

    Her top tips for creating your own unique budget bathroom idea is to use Pinterest to create a mood board to help solidify your desired look. It also helps you plan before you dive in.

    Research is key, so take a look at your interior design style. When you come across a product you love, like a lamp or something similar, Abi suggests using Google’s reverse image search, where Google shows all the places where the product is found. You may find the product cheaper elsewhere. Genius!

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