Upper Arlington City Council approves higher price for remodeling work

City officials said inflation added about $800,000 to the cost of planned renovations to the Upper Arlington Police Division headquarters and the District Attorney’s Office.

When Upper Arlington officials finalized the 2022 budget last fall, it was expected to cost approximately $2.1 million to remodel the two spaces at the city’s Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road.

On February 23, the city received a bid from Elford Inc. to complete the work for approximately $3.3 million and a bid from Setterlin Building Co. for $3.4 million.

An April 11 staffing report by Jackie Thiel, the city’s assistant manager, and Brian Mastin, the city’s facilities manager, said the increase in costs was primarily due to “volatile materials and labor markets.”

On April 18, Upper Arlington City Council unanimously approved an approximately $2.9 million contract with Elford for the project. It included a $208,711 reduction over Elford’s original because the company offers multiple rebates: one for $46,208 because the UAPD and prosecutor’s office modernization will be done concurrently, and another for $89,763 because floors be patched for utility work instead of being replaced with new underbodies.

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