Vinyl siding is the clear winner for home siding in a remodeling market.

Vinyl siding is the best option for your home.

Why? Let’s count the paths.

First, it is very durable and requires little maintenance. There are very few ways to build your home that will look brand new for years to come… with essentially zero maintenance. But vinyl siding is one of them. With just maybe a once-a-year wash (a great option for a chore for your teen), your vinyl siding will generally look and perform just as well after 5 years as it did 5 minutes after installation. You can’t beat that!

Second, it simply costs less. Wood siding is more prone to damage and requires a lot more maintenance than vinyl siding, not to mention they also come in at a much higher price point. While this can vary, a general rule of thumb is that you can save about $1,000 per 1,250 square feet with vinyl siding…and that doesn’t even include the cost of maintenance and repairs for wood siding! As mentioned, vinyl siding is low maintenance and just doesn’t require nearly that much expense year after year.

Then there are the environmental impacts. Throughout its life cycle, vinyl siding has 79% less impact on global warming than fiber cement and 85% less impact than brick and mortar.

Brian “JR” Girskis is the owner of Suburban Wholesale and Supply in Davenport, Iowa, and his mission is to help make homes greener.

“Our mission is to give customers what they want. We focus on eco-friendly and energy efficient products where we ask everyone to stop by and enjoy the showroom displays. The showroom will rival any building materials store from Chicago to Denver and we are constantly updating our offering to offer our customers the best and most comprehensive options in the industry.”

For Brian, getting the right material is just the beginning; He wants to be at the forefront of providing the best remodeling benefits to a housing market that is less focused on building new homes and more focused on improving the homes that already exist across the country.

“There is ample opportunity for growth as a distributor and as an installer. With fewer homes being built, remodeling will continue to take up a larger portion of the business,” explains Girskis. With more and more contractors serving clients looking to make their homes greener, finding the right vinyl siding is of vital importance.

“Just because you have thick vinyl siding doesn’t mean they’re going to be good. The raw materials make a real difference in the performance of vinyl siding,” explains Brian.

When explains, “Vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding and polypropylene siding require minimal raw materials and generate virtually no waste. Vinyl siding requires less water and energy per square foot than fiber cement, and uses less than half the energy and fuel of brick and mortar, and uses less fossil fuel to transport. And on site, VSI certified installers are trained to reduce waste during installation.”

Brian’s mission is to help customers utilize 0.46mm vinyl skins that provide adequate support while being cost effective. And Suburban Wholesale has plenty of it. “Our market share continues to grow and our stock levels can compete with all national branches. We have grown to become a leading authority on technical specifications and training. We have VSI training and AAMA Installer Master Instructor for our wholesale customers.”

Brian is a family man as well as a seasoned business professional. “I enjoy spending time with my wife Kristine and my children, as well as with my friends and extended family. I’m a big fan of the northern woods of Wisconsin. When I’m not in the office, I like to help out with the Boy Scouts of America. I have tried many roles at BSA and will continue to help lead the way.”

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Released March 25, 2022

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