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Then your design team might feel flattered, but know that part of the job is helping the client create their own vision. There are situations where a prospect makes it clear that they want a great setting, but don’t have a specific theme in mind, no material preferences, color focus, or seem to have the faintest idea of ​​where to start!

Almost everyone has preferences! Often the assertion: “I really don’t care – I trust your judgement!” actually has to do with the implementation. For example, you may know exactly what you want when choosing your clothes or choosing a car make, model and color, and a number of other situations where you make choices based on clear preferences. But imagining how to bring balance and harmony to a complex commercial or residential environment seems monumental and unfocused.

It can be difficult to imagine a favorite color covering the entire surface of a wall, for example – even though you love it in a tie or sweater. For example, the mapping of patterns on upholstery, paneling or flooring for a 20 by 25 meter space is very different than for a vehicle.

Transferring preferences from small to large, from intimate to expansive is definitely one of the skills you get with a professional design team.

It follows that it’s a caution to be respected to be cautious and unwilling to state hard-quick decisions and preferences if you’re not sure how they would translate to different scales! Your design team has clear parameters about where they will be making decisions and where they need to seek out your preferences and help you make informed decisions. Your designer will give clear instructions and make decisions when it comes to the appropriate subcontractors and skilled workers; and about industry compliances, regulations and the like. But ultimately, the resulting overall vision of your environment will be the product of your informed, educated, and reasonable decisions.

How does that happen when you just want to leave everything to your designer, from the conception to the last convenience appointment? This happens through the insights, background information, found preferences and current circumstances that your designer observes, gains and experiences with you. Your personality is another source from which your design team develops a sense of appropriateness and connection that helps them find what fits.

“How did you know that?” is a typical reaction when the team comes up with something that really appeals to you. (And it’s always good to hear!)

The simple fact is that we reveal ourselves and our tastes to others in many legible ways. Being an expert in one place doesn’t necessarily equip us to adequately represent that flavor in another setting. Your professional interior design team is skilled at just that.

When you think you don’t know what you want — but you know you want it right — you’ll be surprised at what you can discover with the right coaching and guidance. Your design team knows you have different preferences. Let them help you figure out how and where to implement and apply the interior design of your home or business—so that the resulting vision becomes yours, fits, and lasts.

Robert Boccabella, BFA is the Director and Founder of Business Design Services and has been a certified interior designer in private practice for over 30 years. Boccabella offers Designing to Fit the Vision© in partnership with To contact him, call 707-263-7073; Email him at or visit or on Facebook at Business Design Services.

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