Zeb Grant Design Expands Downtown Space | news

The night before he opened his 2,500 square foot addition to his existing Zeb Grant Design Home Store on Madison’s Main Street, Zeb Grant was called a “good citizen all round” by Madison Mayor Fred Perriman.

Perriman spoke at a ribbon-cutting event for Grant’s newest facility on an iconic block of Madison’s Main Street, a block where he now commands nearly 30 percent of the properties with expanded home design business and his flower shop two doors down.

“You’re bringing our downtown area back to life,” Perriman told the designer.

Grant distracted. “My amazing team made this possible,” he said. “It’s been quite a journey.”

So it has. From his first flower shop on Lake Oconee, to another move and expansion, the Madison-based designer’s journey has continued in a momentous role. Grant and his signature design work bring an elegant glow to downtown.

On Friday he was back in his element and thoughtful. The space, more than 5,000 square feet and filled with 14 employees, up-and-coming designers, fabric samples and, let’s face it, Grant’s exuberant personality, is bright and inviting. The store offers coveted lines such as Hickory Chair, Century furniture, Summer Classic patio furniture, and Rowe upholstery and furniture. It is also a certified Vision Comfort showroom. While sipping a coffee, Grant says the latest opening is a continuing culmination of a vision.

The store, he says, will “serve as a showroom for our design clients and is also a great resource to either buy direct from the counter or get inspiration for custom pieces.”

It offers, he says, an efficient and convenient experience for a homeowner looking for furniture ideas, patterns, or “everything you need, start to finish.”

The store allows Grant to get a first taste of a client’s desired style. Through interviews and gentle prodding, he says that enjoying one’s work is the achievement of a common goal. “What I love most is interacting with my customers and seeing the progress and transformation. I love working with clients and I love that every client is different.”

“We cater to their style, to their vision for their home.” The addition, he says, “is a more curated space for the client’s vision.”

He speaks of flow and color, of space and light. The room is now filled with furniture, bed and bath items, books, lighting, artwork, and mirrors.

And Grant loves Main Street. “The view is amazing,” he says. “That makes us one of those ‘spots’. It’s one of those places that people love to browse and hopefully get inspired.”

In addition to the expansion, Zeb Grant Design was chosen to design the Reynolds Lake Oconee Model Home, which will open for viewing in the fall.

It’s an enjoyable space that he hopes will serve as an easy experience for clients opening a new home or renovating and modernizing their current home. “We can put together a whole house with all of that,” he says.


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