Zoom whiteboard collaboration tool now available

Zoom has now made its Zoom Whiteboard collaboration tool available for general release.

The Zoom Whiteboard was designed to help the hybrid workforce seamlessly collaborate and develop and share new ideas on a digital canvas.

After a redesign, Zoom’s virtual whiteboard is now a cross-platform solution integrated with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms. Support for Zoom Chat will also be working soon.

Zoom Whiteboard has multiple design features: Dashboard, Share, Notes & Messages, Shapes, Connectors, Images, and Canvas Size. Zoom believes its solution also offers more security than whiteboards in the room, which may be vulnerable to data leakage.

Oded Gal, Zoom’s Chief Product Officersaid, “Not only do we help clients adapt to this new phase of work, we also anticipate what’s next and build platform solutions like Zoom Whiteboard to counteract it.”

“Zoom Whiteboard equips teams with the power of continuous communication in an easy-to-use solution that provides a virtual space for collaboration before, during and after a meeting.”

Design features of the Zoom whiteboard

Dashboard: Create new and manage existing canvases, including user access.

Split: Users can store and export their creations internally or externally.

Notes and Messages: Sticky notes can be used to write down ideas and users can exchange messages.

Shapes, connectors and images: Shapes and connectors can be applied to enhance brainstorming and other project creation. Images can also be dragged and dropped onto the canvas.

canvas size: Users can extend the canvas up to 12 pages in length.

Users can collaborate on the Zoom whiteboard using a web browser, desktop, tablet, or Zoom Rooms for Touch.

The Zoom Whiteboard is not only suitable for hybrid employees who collect ideas. The collaboration tool can be used in education, for example when teachers plan lessons.

Zoom Whiteboard could also provide training information as diagrams or create problem-solving exercises. Project managers could use the technology to develop project roadmaps with process flows and share them with their teams.

Maribeth Brown, Product Marketing Manager at Zoomsaid: “Modern communication solutions like video conferencing have transformed our ability to collaborate and get more done together in a digital space, be it the office, home, classroom or anywhere in between.

“However, it can be difficult to capture and direct the energy, spontaneity, and free-flowing creativity that comes with a face-to-face connection in a virtual meeting.

“With Zoom Whiteboard, you can brainstorm and collaborate on a persistent, expandable, digital canvas. In-person and remote teams can generate ideas from Zoom-enabled devices, giving you and your team the intuitive capabilities you need to collaborate.”

Companion whiteboard devices like the DTEN Onboard with interactive touch displays designed specifically for virtual whiteboarding will be available soon.

Zoom first launched its whiteboard in September last year, but it’s not the only company offering whiteboard tools. Microsoft Teams has, among other things, a whiteboard solution.

UC Today created a step-by-step guide for using the Zoom Whiteboard.

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